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Athena pleading to Zeus to let Odysseus leave the punishment.
“Wisdom's Desperation”
O Zeus the great and worthy god of gods, the lord and owner of the lightning rod.
The Almighty one, the power of volts,
the Greatest one, the holder of bolts.
I ask you for permission,
can I go to Odysseus's aid,
he's in outstanding desperation,
have I not served the well my great father?
I praise the divine majesty, you, with all my love and honesty,
I plea to the down on my knee.
Do you not have mercy, do you not worry?
For that poor soul in such downcast, weak minded and dull.
Or his wife, Penelope, I should not wonder!
In incredible tears she could flood the earth,
How deep is her sadness? Do you ponder?
How far will you go my greatness.
Odysseus has gone insane, is now pass madness.

You are a king you have a decision.
now decide your destination.
He is sour, he is hurting, he is weary.
His pour son Telemachus, so fatherless, with such emptiness.
Longing for his father to come home,
to the rolling hills he goes to roam
Trying to find the missing puzzle piece to his heart.
Wondering where his father is,
the one father he only had one glimpse at,
as a baby boy in his cradle.
His feelings pierced like a needle.
The citizens of Odysseus’s kingdom are being taken,
they need his aid, he needs my aid.

Let me go and I shall save them.
Then I shall give you credit, you will be our anthem
I am so desperate to help him sir,

you so wise and pure.
I know you have passion, I know you have grace.
don’t let your rage continue,
stop this trial of anger, stop this infernal chase.
Let me go, set him free,
Use your key.
Unlock the chest of freedom,
I have so much reason have i not?
I am weeping for him, I am stressed for him.
I barely sleep, my joy is quenched,
my love is wrenched.

If you don't do it for Odysseus,
do it for Athena, I, your daughter.
I vouch the cost of this affair,
on my honor of wisdom.
Preston Darwood 😟
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