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There are some pains we would rather not remember.
From the Farthest Depth Within My Soul,
I Cry My Lord to Thee.
Stretch Forth Thy Healing Hand of Love,
And Bring Your Touch to Me.

For I Faint from Pain, the Hurt of Life,
That Makes My Joy Seem Cold.
It Robs Me from Your Blessing Gift
And Tries to Make Me Lose My Hold.

Blot from My Mind, Please Take from Me
The Pain of All My Strife.
The Hurt That Comes from All My Wounds,
I've Suffered in My Life.

Please Rid from Me the Strong Desire
For Things Which Cannot Be,
Which Gets Its Strength, It's Very Life,
From the Sorrows, One Can't See

At Times the Pain Seems Very Strong,
That Forgiveness Goes Away.
Then Bitterness and Anguished Hurt
Search Me out to Be Their Prey.

There Is a Void Deep down Within,
There's an Emptiness of Pain.
As Long as I Cannot Forget
It Steals That Which I Gain.

You Are the Only Hope I Have.
May Your Mercy Rest on Me.
Take Away My Hurt and Pain
And Let My Soul Be Free.

Thank You, Lord.
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