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A poem of a lonely man who is visited by a succubus in the night.
(I apologize if the rhyming of this poem isn't very good, especially the ending. I don't often write poetry, and just wrote this off the top of my head.)

Once upon a midnight lonely
As I lay in my chamber homely
Tossing and turning beneath my covers warm
My mind did race with dreams of splendor
my head spinning like a blender
My conscience as unsettled as a storm

Suddenly I sat up in fright
Longing for the sweet delight
That was the touch of my departed dear
Her loss that what I did fear
Leaving me alone this night

Hot tears did flow down my face
As I recalled her divine grace
and beauty unmatched far or near
Wishing that she would appear
Dressed in her dainty lace

When from my window I do detect
A lovely voice so perfect
It is hypnotic in its effect
It draws me to inspect

Out on the grass what do I see
But an unbelievable beauty
That stokes my longing fire
The more I gaze the more I know
She is my one desire

Her skin was scarlett, her hair was dark
The sight of it all ingnites my spark
Her figure curvaceous, her lips inviting
I knew there was no use in fighting

Then, she sang, her voice so sweet
The song itself, a musical treat
She sang my name, said she wanted me so
Wanted nothing more, than to be my beau

I ran to my door and dashed down the hall
Leapt down the stairs without a care at all
I flung open the threshold, as there she did wait
I knew then at once, I found my new mate

With our arms outstretched, we both did embrace
Then our lips did meet now that we were face to face
We kissed and kissed for what seemed like forever
There just one problem, however

She said to be hers, there was but one task
I told her "Anything! You need but ask!"
I must surrender my will, and swear my eternal love
Her voice was as soft as the coo of a dove

Never did I hesitate, and said at once
"I am yours, forever!" But that proved me the dunce
Now we are together, once and for all
Though I must say, one thing I don't recall
You might be asking "What would be that?"
She never mentioned her mother was a cranky old bat!

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