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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Educational · #2179925
Is it possible to build a relationship between a lion and a gazelle?
Every spring, the lion Mike remembers when he met for the first time the gazelle Diane. He remembers when she asked him who is he? He has never really responded to her question and that he belongs to lion race. He lied and declared himself a gazelle too.
She asked: Why have you got such long teeth? .......Why don't you resemble a gazelle and have not got long horns?
Even though her doubts and several pertinent questions, she finished by believing this great lie.
Gazelle Diane has never seen a lion before. Indeed she and her family have been a domestic livestock. They are just in contact with human beings. That day she was in visit in a savanna for the first time where she met the lion once.
In full spontaneity and quickly both feel love and solace towards each other.
But till today, lion Mike misses her a lot. Also he still bears remorse in his consciousness because he has never revealed to her his real identity. Indeed at the moment he saw her he wanted to be her friend. He knew that presenting himself as a lion his friendship would be rejected; a predator cannot be a friend with a prey.
When gazelle has left, lion Mike becomes sad. He still loves her a lot and wants to be always with her. He is convinced that he has betrayed her by not revealing her the truth. Indeed he has always been afraid to lose her. This is something which provokes him a constant suffering in his life.
This day lion Mike goes to his friend who is a human being. He tells him about gazelle Diane and how can he become her friend. George gets a deep thought then he tells lion Mike this: "my dear friend Mike; friendship is what someone bears as love, tenderness and respect to the other whoever he is". He puts his hand on the lion mane and starts to caress him. Then he continues. "We human beings belong to the same race but sometimes we become real enemies. We lose an enormous time to reject each other because of our several differences. My friend Mike it is not impossible to be a friend with a gazelle at the moment you both feel respect, tenderness, show comprehension and love to each other. Listen Mike, I have good news; I am about to found a circus and I will hire you and gazelle Diane. You will both meet every day".
To be redeemed lion Mike decides to reveal his reality to Diane. In the same time he promises her not to eat gazelles starting from such day. Lion Mike tells her that his friendship is real and he will warranty her peace, respect, tenderness and love.
When at first Diane hears this, she becomes somehow angry and rejects completely her relationship with the lion especially that he did not tell her the truth at their first meeting. But after a bit of time she misses him a lot and realizes that she loves him a lot too whoever he is. He is her best friend. Indeed he taught her many things about life especially about the harsh savanna and how to be strong.

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