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by Bry31
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An army kid who is an outsider finally fits in.
It was the end of my junior year and I have still managed to be the loser outsider. But, before I carry on with my life story maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Susie Barry and it is the end of my junior year. I get asked why I do not have friends and well that would be because I am an army kid. My parents have always been moved around, which means that I do not stay at one school for too long. So, I swore to never let myself get close to the other kids because the second that I did, I would be taken away from them. Anyways, shall I continue on with my story, I think yes.


I came home from school today and was sitting in my room working on my homework assignments, when I hear a knock on the door. Both of my parents entered the room and I thought to myself "Oh man where are we moving to now". That is when they dropped the bomb on me that I would be finishing my junior year early and we would be moving to the beautiful state of Florida, and this is where I would be attending my senior year of high school. After my parents left my room I got thinking about how this year I did not want to be the outsider and the loser army kid who does not let anyone in. I was going to change that because I would be off to college soon, so it would be nice to know some kids because who know maybe I would find someone I wanted to room with if we went to the same college.


It was the first official day of school in Florida, the new school that I was going to make a difference at. From the second I walked in I could tell that I was going to like it at this school. Not just because it was beautiful on the inside, it was more because I actually walked in with an open mind and wanted to enjoy my senior year. I was always known as the outsider of the school, but this year that was all going to change.


I have found myself adjusting amazing to this new school. My parents are seeing a different side to me and they do not know where it came from. I made the cheer leading team and I also was named captain. No one from my old schools would have ever guess that I would be the person to be running the school for once. My parents were notified that we would be moving again, but they did not even tell me because they told their leader that they needed to stay in Florida until my senior year was over because for once in my life my parents could tell that I actually felt like I belonged and was happy. All I had to do to achieve my happiest moments in my life is just changing the way I came across as a person in the school. I was no longer the loser army kid who always moves, I was me Susie Barry.
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