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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2179968
They can’t risk being seen.
“Doug, from now on when we talk outside this house I want you to turn your head down and speak to the ground. Always wear a ball cap, it hides your face and mouth, and try to not move your lips.”

“Okay, but why now? We haven’t been doing that.”

“We haven’t discussed the job outside yet. It was just us as friends. Now, if we become suspects, and we will because we both have a record, they can use any captured image and read lips. You are being watched. We all are, every second of every day.”

“I always check for security cams, Dave, and turn away.”

“Yeah, but satellites carry cameras capable of recognizing your face and reading your lips. If we’re going to get away with that 20 million clean enough to spend it we have to eliminate all chances. Its not a high possibility, but chaos theory says if it can happen it will, I believe in chaos.”

“Chaos, Yeah, I get it. You hear about Steve Bingham? They got him on that jewelry store in London last month. I never thought he’d be caught. He planned to the second and he was good. We worked two jobs together.”

“I heard. Chance rules the universe. The owners secretary decided to retire last week and was training a replacement so there was one more person he missed. She set the silent alarms off and the police walked in as he was leaving.”

“What a crappy outcome, he told me he was going to retire.”

“He’s retired now. The accommodations suck though.”

“Okay. Let’s start with the schedules and work on the time tables. We’ll need to plan some walk throughs too.”

“I figure ten separately, but only one with both of us. Less chance of being recognized ...”
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