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by Norman
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Rest in Peace
He lay there in the casket.
His suit was neatly pressed.
If he were lying somewhere else,
you’d think he was at rest.

“We’ll miss you,” someone whispered.
He probably couldn’t hear.
And if he had a final wish
I doubt that he’d be here.

The name of this sad service
is such a big mistake.
‘Cause I can tell you this for sure,
he’ll never be awake.

I really shouldn’t be here.
I was just passing by.
There was a sudden rain downpour;
I thought I might stay dry.

I followed someone else in
to get out of the rain.
I never saw this man before;
I won’t see him again.

Yet this has been a moment
I never will forget.
‘Cause he has touched me deep somehow,
this man I never met.

For he looks so contented,
just lying there at rest.
As if his worries all are gone
and this time is his best.

Rest in peace

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