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by Norman
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I like to do things my own way
I never follow all the rules
I stray outside the lines
I like to do things my own way
And never be confined

Sometimes I hear a different drum
Or maybe none at all
I may abuse the status quo
But who should make that call?

I have my own perspective
Of what is right or wrong
The rest may sing in harmony
I’ll sing my own sweet song

Do you feel what I am saying?
Or know just what I mean?
I’d rather play a one-man sport
Than be part of a team

You say I’m just contrary
But sometimes that’s a must
Else everything would be so plain
What’s love without some lust?

It’s not that I would cheat you
I’ve never been that cruel
The only path I follow
Is called the Golden Rule

And as for those commandments
The ones etched out in stone
I never did obey them all
But I will not atone

I may not heed that drummer
I may not sing in tune
You’ll more likely find me
Out howling at the moon
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