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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Tragedy · #2180010
It was the saddest graveyard that I have ever seen
There was no fence around it
And the grass was getting high
It needed some attention
I almost passed it by

But I noticed a few gravestones
They were old and some lay down
They all looked so forlorn there
Abandoned by the town

It was the saddest graveyard
That I have ever seen
Some stones were leaning sideways
With weeds growing in between

It really made me wonder
How it got to this sad state
Why no one cared about it
What caused this dreadful fate?

I wandered through the tall grass
And tried to read the names
The etchings were all faded
Worn out by sun and rain

And then I saw a bronze plate
Dated eighteen ninety-three
It said this was a cemetery
For folks who now are free

And that is when it hit me
The dead here all were black
Forgotten now for ages
History never looking back

Just then I saw an old man
He’d come to mow the grass
He said he was the only one
Who still performed this task

He said he had some family
Buried here so long ago
He didn’t know which plot they had
But he didn’t have to know

He didn’t live nearby here
But he came by when he could
The town did not maintain it
Even though he thought it should

No one knew who owned the land
And that’s why no one cared
But it wasn’t the land he thought of
It was the bloodline that he shared

I talked a little more with him
I even said a prayer
But if you were real close to me
You would have heard me swear

The things we did to those poor souls
That was our biggest shame
The way we treated them in death
Was just more of the same
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