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A letter to myself concerning new year's resolutions.
Dear Me,

The year begins with good intent
as people pledge to reach their goals.          *Angelic*
Their optimism evident,
they dream of playing better roles.          *Beach*

So, Bob, what are your plans this year?          *Unicorn*
You really need to get a grip.
Don't waste your time on girls and beer.          *CupO*
If you're confused then here's a tip.

Reflect upon what's in your heart —
the reason why you want to write.           *Quill*
Perhaps you want to top the chart —
that's why you're working through the night.           *Moon*

Or do you hunger most for cash,           *Dollar*
enough to pay your debts and more,
just churning out commercial trash           *BookStack2*
while jealous critics you ignore.

Perhaps you wish to leave your mark —
a record of your time on Earth.          *Earth*
You won't be swallowed by the dark;
you'll show the future what you're worth.           *Grave*

Or is it art for art's own sake
that drags you out of bed each dawn,          *Sun*
a perfect masterpiece you'll make
dismissing other books as porn?          *Kiss*

You claim that you could write a book
that touches people's hearts and brains,          *Brain*
but talk to any seasoned cook —
they sweat before achieving aims.          *BookOpen*

A novel has a recipe
just like the most delicious cake.          *Cake*
The final product readers see
took patience, time and toil to bake.           *CakeP*

Procrastination is your flaw;          *Facebook*
you need to focus on the plot.
Although that editing’s a chore,          *FacePalm*
you'll get results you like a lot.

But don't forget you love to write           *Heart*
immersed in words that rhyme and flow.
Remember why you joined this site —
how other's praise can make you glow.          *Proud*

So shake your ass and make a start —          *BootR*
each book begins with but one word.
It's not enough to just be smart —
you also have to bloody work.           *Angry*

Now set yourself some concrete goals
that help achieve your final aim.          *ExclaimO*
Choose tasks that really stoke the coals          *Fire*
of your ambition to find fame.

First, finish off that manuscript —          *CheckR*
the one you've worked on many years.
Redundant scenes must all be ripped          *Anarchy*
away before review by peers.

Then work on something new by May —          *CheckR*
a novel project, nothing short.
Your shorter stories do not pay,          *Dollar*
so write an epic set in court.

And waste less time on poetry,          *CheckR*
because it doesn't pay the rent.
Although it is your cup of tea          *TeaB*
just think of all the time that's spent.

It's time to face reality,
forsaking your deluded dreams.          *CloudGrey*
Why can't you lift your eyes to see
and save yourself frustrated screams?          *Shock2*

That's all I want to say to you,
you lazy, good-for-nothing slob.           *Sleeping*
You know that all I wrote is true.
You have to make an effort, Bob!           *Rolleyes*

With much needed tough love,


Me xXx

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