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Emotional Amplifiers
Week 2- Cold

Dana and Rachel shifted from foot to foot and exhaled steam into their cupped hands. These movements accompanied by the fact they were huddled together, their coats mutually wrapped around each other, made them look like some sort of alien creature.

"Who's s-s-stupid idea was it to stand out here to f-f-freeze our stupid asses off j-j-just to get tickets to this stupid show?!?" Rachel asked pointedly. The words came slowly through her chattering teeth. "Oh, that's right, it was MINE..." The answer came sharply from her lips, as if she had to labor to push them out. Dana imagined them falling to the sidewalk and crashing into icy little bits.

Dana couldn't muster more than a chuckle through the chattering of her own teeth, but that only made her want to laugh more. "Don't worry about it, it'll be a good s-s-story after we've overcome the frostbite."

They both chuckled weakly. Dana looked behind her to see the rest of the would-be concert goers not faring much better to keep the cold at bay. She saw a girl a few places back with a scarf wrapped practically all the way around her face and head, her red nose peeking out from the folds. A man and woman were huddled together, her hands clutched together inside his as held them to his mouth warming them both with hot breath.

The men standing right behind them were trying not to look too miserable, but both of their noses were running and the trying to keep warm tap dance played out underneath their long wool dress coats. "Ha! They're trying to look cool even though they're freezing to death." She thought, "How ironic."

Rachel looked dejected and uncomfortable, to say the least. Her woolen hat was pulled down over her ears, her curly brown hair jutting from underneath it brushed across her padded shoulders. Her cheeks and nose were bright pink. Her eyes were watering, and Dana hoped it was just from the cold. She hoped she wasn't crying.

"Really, I do f-f-feel bad about this." Rachel said earnestly. "I had n-n-no idea it was gonna be this frigid, we c-c-can totally skip it and order tickets online." She was now hopping from one foot to the other, her words started and stopped jerkily. "Is it really worth enduring the arctic expedition out h-h-here to get better seats?"

"Well..." Dana considered this for a second that seemed like an hour. "There's a really g-g-good pub a block from here with wi-fi and a fireplace. Just s-s-sayin'."

Rachel's pink face broke into a wide smile. "Done and done, l-l-let's get the heck outta here!"

They strode briskly arm-in-arm down the block.

Word Count~ 451
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