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Exposing the Leftist Agenda's Attack on the Male Role Model
Here we go again."TOXIC MASCULINITY".

First off, Men are not "afraid" of the Gillette MeToo Superbowl ad, they are disgusted, and rightfully so. Real men are fed up with being criminalized for being MEN. The truth is ANY masculinity is threatening to LEFTIST SOCIALISTS Truth is the leftist socialists are trying to neuter the male image,and re-brand men as some sort of gender-neutral namby-pamby docile creature incapable of leading a family. The Family is the source of society, Which is why leftist run propaganda such as the #MeToo movement are pushing for the end of Masculinity and male roles all together. with the bombardment of men getting their man parts nipped and doing Vanity Fair covers, and soyboys playing pseudo-mommy while women prove they wear the pants and make men carry a man-purse. What if we had tampon commercials that said women shouldn't beat their kids or gossip about people while drinking waaaaay too much boxed wine? ? I bet all the pink kitty hate wearers would have their panties in a big socialist bunch.

I don't think it's the job of a razor company to bully men in their ads..that's way out of line. Under the guise of "educating" people?...the thought police are basically bombarding the public with their AD COUNCIL crap. No thanks, i don;t need a razor company to take it upon themselves to be the bastion of morality, That's what parents are for, what family is for, what sharing the BIBLE is for..Oh wait!..those type of moral, edifying sources are frowned upon by the leftists who are pushing the ME TOO junk. It is disingenuous and sanctimonious and STINKS of Socialism.

We were a heck of a lot better off when the traditional God-fearing church society was allowed to lead this Nation, because it was the best and brightest then, Now with liberal leftists leading? We have men in dresses, bathroom confusion, people questioning the very reality of their own genitals, and basically so emotionally retarded that they cannot function as independent productive citizens. Keep your razors Gillette.

The "Best A Man Can Get" doesn't come from Socialist Razor ads. It comes from something much more real that keeps getting suppressed by the MSM. And as far as BULLYING? The liberal leftists are bullying anyone who refuses to embrace in the anti-traditional family module. They criminalize anyone who refuses to bake cakes for homosexual couples because it goes against the Bible and their faith, they repress free speech and opinion of anyone who opposes or questions their mindset.

And why is the #MeToo movement "okay" with naked feminazis calling men "pigs" and filth" and that "all penises should be cut off". And why are the women who undergo male hormone therapy in an attempt to become a "REAL MAN" are allowed to revel in their beards and chest hair?, While Real actual males are not? It is so hypocritical and nauseating.

Listen, anyone in their right mind knows this Anti-Masculinity campaign is just covert EVIL. Let the #MeToo movement FINALLY address Bill Clinton's many sexual offenses, Stop denying the fact that he brutally raped Juanita Broaddrick, then tell me about toxic masculinity.
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