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10 years of discovery on WDC. (Form: Sestina) A Taboo Words Entry

Where does the time go? How it seems to fly
when memory's wings spread, lifting me high,
to assess its passage from a new vantage point.
Instead of hours, I mark it in words;
images coalesce as new horizon's formed
challenging me to search bright new lands.

In my first year, the promise of new lands
where I could allow my spirit to fly
brought me here, raw and not fully formed.
Writing.com brought me to a new high,
showing me the power of meaningful words,
metaphorically or spoken directly to the point.

In my second year, more to the point,
I began to explore these strange lands,
seeking asylum in a community of words.
They cajoled, ganged up on, and dared me to fly
in realms that seemed, to me, too high
and yet, too tempting. I was formed.

A rush of confidence came at this point,
where no longer was I a stranger in strange lands.
As though engraved, chiseled words
of strength convinced me I could fly
within this community from point to point.
And so my third year coalesced and formed.

Time passed and my fourth year formed,
a helter-skelter of writing with no point,
slowly, I descended from an intoxicating high
toward the barren regions of no man lands.
Like Icarus, I chose the sun and tried to fly
too close, only to find that I had lost my words.

I heard the echoes of lost words,
watched as they fell, unformed,
their wings stunted and unable to fly.
And yet ... I began again to climb to a higher point
where I rediscovered the sweeping vista of lands
that could only be seen from on high.

Once more I could feel that exhilarating high,
how the winds carried the whispering words
and spread their beauty, like seeds, to new lands.
In that moment of clarity, I was reformed.
My fifth and future years began at that point;
once more, my new wings carried me and I could fly.

It is only from on high that I have learned to fly,
using the strength of words that only upward point.
Within these sheltering lands, new wings have been formed.

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An entry for the January round of "The Taboo Words Contest
Prompt: Open
Words to Avoid: sight, vision, look, view, scene, eyes, blind
Maximum Line Count: 40
Line Count: 38
Form: Sestina  
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