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A young man gets a startling, upsetting phone call.
“Hello Geno! How’ve you been? It’s so good to hear your voice after all of these years!"

“Wait a minute! Just wait one damn minute! Who in the hell is this?"

“It’s your father, Ryan!”

“This cannot be my father because he died five years ago. Who is this and why are you playing with me?”

“It’s me son! I’ve been allowed to make one phone call and I chose to speak to you. I knew your sister wouldn’t be able to handle talking to me, so I dialed you.”

“This is impossible because dead people are not able to communicate. The voice sounds like you, but I’m not convinced it is you. I’m about to hang up this phone down if you don’t prove to me who you are!"

“When you were small, a swing from the playground hit you in the head and I rushed you to the hospital! Is that proof enough for you?”

"Why would you want to throw my life off balance like this? Gia and I have finally started living normal lives after you and mom died, and now you pull this?”

“I’m not trying to pull anything Geno. Your mother is not handling things well on this side and I thought if she knew you two were okay, it would help. She is suffering badly and I’m starting to suffer too.”

“Dad, my sister and I are fine, but we won’t be if you continue to call me or her. This is crazy and you know it. I’m shaking so much that I don’t think I can go to work today.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you son, but this needed to be done. If you really can’t handle this, then maybe I should call your sister.”

“No Dad! If you call Gia, it could send her into a nervous breakdown.”

“Look, I didn’t expect this kind of greeting when I decided to call you. I thought you would be happy to hear from me, but evidently, I was wrong!"

“Dad, you can’t expect me to be over the moon about this phone call. Hearing from you is like watching you die all over again. It’s painful knowing that once we hang up, I’ll never hear from you again!”

“I’m sorry son. All I wanted to know was how you two were doing so I can tell your mother, and hopefully, cheer her up.”

“Dad, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I am not happy about this. You’ve sent my fragile mental state back five years, and now I have to start all over again.”

“I know, I know. Just take care of your sister and hopefully, one day, we will all meet again. I love you son.”

“I love you too Dad, but if you care anything about your children, you'll never call again!”

“I won’t, and once again, I’m sorry son.”

Word count = 480

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