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by Nate
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It's about a homeless person finds a lottery ticket in a garbage bin

The Lucky Day


Actors are:

Peter Ash, Mary Astin and John Baker.

Peter Ash is a homeless person that finds a lottery ticket however he doesn't know it's a winner until a gust of wind blows it out of his hand and the lady picks it up and hands it back to him.

Mary Astin is a lottery person and she knows every ticket in her store. One day a lottery ticket is at her feet and she picks it up and sees a homeless person running towards her saying that's my ticket and when Peter catches up to Mary and he explains how he found the ticket and she gives it back to him and tells him it's a winner then Peter thanks the lady for her nice story but doesn't believe her and he runs away with the ticket in his hand and soon bumps into a officer and Peter drops the ticket and the officer picks it up and thinks that this homeless person stole the ticket from the store.

John Baker is a police officer just walking to the station when Peter bumps into him and drops his ticket and John picks it up and thinks that this homeless person stole this ticket from the store just a couple blocks away and Peter tries to explain how he found the ticket but now the officer doesn't believe him and he tells him to put the ticket back in the store however Peter does as he is told and goes into the store and checks the ticket out first and finds out that Mary was telling him the truth and puts the ticket in his pocket and goes to cash it in but doesn't get far with the money because the officer comes to his new house and arrests him for not listening to him and Peter goes back to square one as a person on the street when he gets out of jail.

The Play starts here.

Lucky Day

Peter: (looking in the trash can) hey look I food a ticket I wonder if it's a winner?

As Peter walks down the side walk a gust of wind blows his ticket out of his left hand and a lady picks it up and tells Peter it's a winner and she hands it back to him.

Peter: oh come on (now running down the side walk to catch the ticket).

Mary: oh is this yours mister?

Peter: (out of breath) yes it is I please have it back?

Mary: sure here you go mister and to let you know you have the winning ticket when you decide to cash it in give me a call (giving a sheet of paper with her number on it).

Peter: I don't believe you but thanks for the nice story and your number bye.

And she yells down to Peter as he walks away.

Mary: I was telling you the truth you have the winning ticket I own a lottery store just two blocks away from here!

And Peter turns around and walks backwards and soon bumps into an officer and Peter drops the ticket and this time the officer picks it up.

Peter: thanks for everything bye!

And soon Peter bumps into an officer and drops his ticket and the officer picks it up and asks Peter a few questions.

Peter: oops sorry sir.

John: that's okay oh by the way you drop this can I ask you a few questions about it?

Peter: I can answer one of them.

John: which is?

Peter: yes that is my ticket.

John: how do I know you didn't steal it?

Peter: because I found it in the trash can this morning when I was looking for some food.

John: what is your name sir?

Peter: Peter Ash sir.

John: well Peter that is a very good story but is it the truth?

Peter: yes it is (getting upset).

John: tell you what Peter.

Peter: what is it sir?

John: if you put this lottery ticket back in the store just a block away from here I won't arrest you okay?

Peter: okay I will.

And John hands the ticket back to Peter to take back to the store.

John: okay then here you are and I'm trusting you now (handing the ticket back to Peter).

And Peter takes the ticket from the officer's hand.

Peter: thank you bye.

And soon Peter makes it to the store and heads inside and sees his old friend the lady that just told him he had the winning ticket, so Peter walks up to the lottery person and decides to check out this ticket that he has.

(INT) of the store - day.

Mary: hi there have you come to cash in that ticket?

Peter: no I just came to check it.

Mary: okay fine then but I'm telling you have the winning ticket.

And she put the ticket in the machine.

Machine: winner.

Mary: see what did I tell ya.

Peter: I think there's a glitch in that machine can you try again please?

And Mary tries the machine again and it says the same thing.

Mary: okay here we go for a second round.

Machine: winner.

Peter: just one more time please.

Mary: third round here we go.

And Mary puts the ticket in the machine a third time.

Machine: winner.

Peter: (in shock) I just don't believe it.

Mary: should I do a fourth round sir?

Peter: no I'll cash it in.

Mary: good answer sir, by the way what is your name sir?

Peter: (speechless) um Peter Ash.

Mary: well Peter you just won 30 million dollars congratulations.

Peter: what should I do first?

Mary: well first you can get some new clothes then pick out a big house to live in.

Peter: can you help me please?

Mary: sure I can.

And they leave the lottery store and head down to the clothes store and try some clothes on.

Mary: you look great Peter and not a street person any more.

And Peter sees what Mary means by looking in the mirror.

Peter: oh wow, what's next on the list?

Mary: hair cut is next.

And they head over to the self check outs and Peter pays for his new clothes and they leave the clothes store and head down to the barber shop.

At the barber shop.

And they head inside and Peter gets his hair cut and washed.

Peter: okay what's next on the list?

Mary: to buy a big house.

And Peter pays for his hair cut and wash and they leave the barber shop and head down to the real Estate place.

At the real Estate place.

And they head inside and Mary hands a magazine to Peter to look at.

Mary: here Peter this is the magazine you want to look at.

Peter: are you sure I can afford these kind of houses?

Mary: I'm sure.

And soon Peter picks out the house that he wants.

Peter: I would like this one right here.

And Mary checks the price out.

Mary: a house for three million that sounds good.

Peter: do I have enough for it?

Mary: yes you do.

And soon Peter buys the house and they leave the real estate place and head down to Peter's house.

Down at Peter's house and they head inside the house.

(INT) of Peter's house - day.

Peter: wow this is really big this is defiantly different then living near that dumpster.

And Mary leaves Peter alone.

Mary: have fun with your new home bye Peter.

Peter: good bye and thanks for your help.

Mary: you're welcome.

And a week later the officer shows up at the house and arrests Peter for not doing as he was told.

Knock, knock.

And Peter answers the door and sees the officer standing there and soon gets a guilty feeling.

Peter: oh hi officer how can I help you?

John: why do you think I'm here?

Peter: to help me with my list of things to get?

John: nope guess again Peter.

Peter: I don't know why are you here?

John: lottery ticket and store does that ring a bell?

And soon Peter remembers what the officer had asked him to do with the ticket.

Peter: oops sorry.

John: sorry don't make it better and you can tell your whole story to the judge you're under arrest mister.

(John begins to lead Peter away and then stops by pulling an envelope out of his pocket)

Unless of course you were to fill this envelope with a little present for me.

Peter: you mean I just have to give you a little something in return and you won't arrest me?

John: yes that's about it.

Peter: I'm cool with that

(Peter takes the envelope and reaches into his pocket and pulls out some money and puts it in the envelope and hands it back to John).

John: that'll do for now

(John grabs Peter by the shirt)

I'll be keeping an eye on you and think as me as your unofficial bodyguard

(and John walks away).

Peter: (to himself) we'll see about that.

(Mary comes running up to Peter's house)

Mary: I just saw the policeman leaving. Is everything okay?

Peter: everything's okay I just had to pay him to leave me alone.

Mary: good because I really care about you.

Peter: (looking at Mary) anything's better than being alone and back on the street again.

The End

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