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I sincerely wish the sound of my poem echoes to listeners and migrants of all backgrounds.

The Emigrant

With a crying heart, with pain, without any return,

When helpless fights became outworn,

You kissed softly your parents' empty hands,

You left behind the old life, your precious friends.

The tears were heavy; your sight touched the moon,

You prayed for relief, ah please to me come soon!

With so much pain and poverty without an end,

You stepped into a bitter journey, to a foreign land.

The journey was so heavy; your boot could always sink,

Your life was almost nothing, in the ocean's salty wind,

But after long time your feet touched the earth,

And desperate you called: "please help, please help!"

Thus, they had no mercy, they had no God,

They put you in a prison - "you should never leave the boat!"

Your life was disappearing, the destiny was odd,

All dreams became an ocean, your soul like waves that float.

But suddenly from the sky a voice was calling harsh and loud,

"Hey citizens afraid to lose your little richness or a pound,"

You still don't know what Rights and Justice are,

And that the earth belongs to all of us: so far, so far!"

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