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by arif
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Chapter 1 of this story is here I hope you have read the introduction that I post before
My name is Leon and I am going to be a hero(Note- Leon is the main character of this story he is strong but hates to make friends and travel alone and go to different places to kill the demons and to become the hero that will free this world from the reign of the demon king.) It's been so many years since I finished my training in extreme condition and now with all these power and training I am finally ready to defeat all the demons and become the hero who is going to free this world from the reign of the demon king my first destination is the village in east I heard that many demons are taking the children forcefully from the village to make them human killing machine to use against the humans and now it's time to stop all that and make my name reach to all demons and free this world.i have finally arrived at the village now I guess I should talk to the elders of this village and offer them my help. Oh a village lady I should ask her where I can find the village chief
Leon-Excuse me Miss
village lady-yes do you need something.
Leon-yes, I am looking for the village chief.
village lady-the village chief why? ( with a suspicious look in her eyes)
Leon-my name is Leon and I am here to slay the demons that are coming here and taking the children from the village.
Village lady-Don't go jooking around kid someone young like should mind your business the demons are dangerous you should leave otherwise the demons will take you with them.
Leon-As I said my name is Leon can you tell me where I can find the village chief.
Village lady-did you do not hear what I said! Fine, my name is Liza and I am the village chief.
Leon-great, as I said I am here to slay the demons so, will you allow me to stay in your village until the demons come back for more children so I can kill them once they are here.
Village lady-Fine you can stay and I don't think you can defeat the demons but if you still want to die you can stay and die once they arrive here.
Leon-Thank you
Next story in chapter 2 stay tuned for that.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2180222