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by Jayguy
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2180240
This focuses on one of http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dj-rodney ‘s characters, Francis.
“What wash the name of the aliensh that the crew battled with on epishode shixty-sheven of Shtar Travel?”

The squirrel couldn’t believe he got himself into this situation. He struggled as much as he could. But Francis didn’t budge. He simply looked back at the brown-furred squirrel with his arms crossed over his flabby stomach, waiting for his question to be answered.
Only a few hours earlier, Sam was enjoying his lunch with friends on-campus. While eating, Sam and his friends saw Francis himself walk into the lunchroom.
Francis was wearing a black shirt that would’ve probably covered Sam’s entire body, but in Francis’ case, the shirt couldn’t even prevent the gopher’s gut from sagging out from under it, giving everyone a good view of the evidence of his eating habits. The shirt had a logo for Space Conflict pasted in the center as did most of Francis’ belongings. The gopher was also wearing a light blue jacket that was even smaller than the shirt and way too small to be buttoned. Francis’ shorts were a tan color and had clearly been stretched after being forced to accommodate for Francis’ wide hips and sizable rear again and again. And on his feet, the gopher wore a pair of black sandals that, if Sam had to guess, probably smelled absolutely dreadful after being attached to Francis’ sweaty paws for hours on end.
Francis walked through the cafeteria, sitting himself down on a random chair that creaked under his weight. He followed this up by eating an obscene amount of food with one hand while playing video games on a handheld device with the other. Francis was notorious throughout the school for having a rotten personality so, naturally, Sam and his friends had some choice things to say upon seeing him. But Francis was also one of the biggest and most intimidating students at his school despite not being an athlete in the slightest, so the gang made sure not to talk low enough that Francis couldn’t hear. But the remarks were still said. Blunt remarks about Francis’ weight and eating habits as well as discussion about the unpleasant scent that seemed to cover the large gopher at all times, topped off with some name-calling with the word “nerd” being the most prominent. The other thing that Francis was notorious for was being a huge nerd. Anybody could see this just by looking at him. The gopher constantly wore clothes and accessories that displayed logos or characters from his favorite media. It didn’t help that he was constantly spouting off random facts and/or opinions about them to whoever was around to hear them. Knowing this makes what Sam said next all the more idiotic. It was just a passing remark but the squirrel definitely regretted saying it now:
“I just don’t get why he acts like such a know-it-all? I bet I know more than him about the crap he’s always talking about.”
Francis didn’t react at the time, and the conversation went on as normal before the group of friends all went their separate ways.

Sam was about to head to his next class when he decided to take a trip to the bathroom first. The squirrel pushed open the door to find that he was the only one there. With a small sigh of relief, Sam stepped into one of the stalls and closed the door behind him. Before he could do anything though, Sam heard the sound of someone walking into the bathroom. The squirrel raised an eyebrow in concern when he heard not just the sound of the door being closed, but also the person locking the door behind them. Sam became nervous as heavy footsteps pounded the floor, stopping in front of the stall that he was occupying, leaving the bathroom in silence once again.
Sam gulped and turned to face the stall door. His nose twitched as he sniffed the air, picking up an unmistakable scent. Growing more nervous by the second, Sam slowly pushed open the door and looked up at the gopher towering in front of him.

Francis was almost double Sam’s height. Sam was of average height for his species, though this wasn’t saying much as squirrels are naturally small. Francis, however, towered over every single person in the school, faculty included. Sam wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Francis was the largest gopher in existence. As they were now, Sam’s eyes lined up directly with the giant gopher’s belly button. Sam had to crane his head upwards to be able to see Francis’ smug face.

Sam opened his mouth to speak but before anything could come out, a meaty paw gripped the squirrel’s shoulder and effortlessly hoisted him off of his feet. Before Sam knew it, he was lifted into the air and staring Francis in the eye. Francis stared the squirrel down in silence for a moment, wearing a devilish smile on his face. Sam flailed his arms and legs, realizing that anything was better than becoming Francis’ next target. Unfortunately, Francis’ grip was iron-tight, and any time a kick happened to connect with the gopher, the foot simply sank into the pudgy flesh, not affecting him at all. Francis shook his head, finally deciding to break the silence.

“Okay, Sham. How about we play a shmall game?”
Francis spoke with a noticeable slur and every time an ‘s’-sound was spoken, spit would fly out of Francis’ mouth, spraying Sam in unwanted saliva.

“Shince you sheem to think that you know more than me, how about I give you a little quiz?” The gopher sneered.

Sam gulped and gathered what little confidence he had left into a reply: “A-a quiz?”

All of a sudden, the squirrel was dropped to the floor, hitting his back on the bathroom tiles. Sam’s back stung with pain, but before he could recover, a threatening shadow loomed over him.
“Hold shtill for a shec.”
Sam was suddenly slammed to the ground as an unimaginable weight buried his whole body. Right after dropping the squirrel, Francis had turned around and sat on his target. The gopher was easily big enough to cover all of Sam’s abdomen so that only the squirrel’s head was uncovered, though he had managed to pull his arms out too. Sam tried to move his legs only to find they were being weighed down by Francis’ massive gut. Sam’s view was taken up by the gopher’s back, as well as the unpleasant sight of Francis’ massive rear which was only inches away from Sam’s face. As much as Sam wanted to ignore that fact, the noxious aroma that slowly crept into Sam’s nose was far too potent. Sam was trapped under hundreds of pounds of gopher flesh and was dreading every second of it. Sam was making an effort to escape from underneath Francis when he decided to speak up again.

“Okay, Sham. Here’sh how thish ish going to work. I'm going to ask you shome bashic trivia questionsh about moviesh like Shpashe Conflict or Shtar Travel. If you get three right, then you can go.”

Same raised an eyebrow. All he had to do was answer trivia? Sam just knew there had to be a catch as Francis continued.

“However, if you get three of my questionsh wrong…” Francis turned his head to look at the squirrel beneath him with an evil grin.
“Then, from here on, you will belong to me.”

Sam’s eyes widened in shock. A million questions raced through his mind. What does that even mean? What was Francis planning to do? Sam’s heart rate started to increase and he continued struggling as Francis jumped into the first question.

“What wash the name of the aliensh that the crew battled with on epishode shixty-sheven of Shtar Travel?”

After a few more seconds of struggling, Sam realized that there was no getting out of this. He had no choice but to just steel his nerves and answer the questions. Sam tried to remember exactly what happened in episode sixty-seven of Space Travel. Yeah, he was a fan of the tv series but it has been a while since he had watched.
God why did I make that stupid boast!, Sam thought to himself.

Sam closed his eyes tight, “Um, was it the Kendans?”

“Shorry, that wash incorrect!” Francis laughed.

Sam sighed and opened his eyes. He just had to get the rest of the questions right and… huh? When Sam opened his eyes he noticed something was off. It seemed like Francis’ rear end had gotten closer to Sam even though neither of them had moved. And the bathroom ceiling felt farther away than he remembered. Sam’s nose twitched again. Francis’ stench was heavier than before and was way more unbearable than it was just a few seconds ago. Sam didn’t have much time to figure anything out before a sharp voice ripped him out of his thoughts.

“Neksht question. What wash the lasht line General Roy said before he died in the shecond Shpashe Conflict movie?”

Sam was still a bit shaken but he knew this one. Francis did say this would be basic trivia, so maybe he was in the clear.

Sam cleared his throat and spoke up, “That was, ‘to err is human.’”
As soon as Sam answered, Francis was sent into a laughing fit. The gopher’s laughter caused him to bounce slightly on top of Sam, pummeling him under the overwhelming weight. His body fat jiggled and wobbled so much that Sam felt like he was caught underneath a bouncy house. Francis laughed and snorted for a few minutes before finally wiping his eyes and speaking up.

“Sho closhe! The quote was ‘It’sh only human to err!’”

“Wh-what? Oh, come on!” Sam yelled out.

Francis shot back with a “Too bad!” before going back to laughing.

Sam looked around him. It was happening again but this time he could see it happening. Right after answering the question, Sam’s view started shifting again. He was… shrinking? At first, Sam thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but the giant gopher butt on top of him seemed to grow in size with every passing second. The ceiling grew further away, and the musk around him became more intense. He could barely see past the two monolithic cheeks that were beginning to surround him. Sam was a bit more than four feet tall before but he had to be only a foot-and-a-half now! Sam couldn’t help but panic. “What’s going on?!”

Francis peered behind him. He looked down at the squirrel, only able to see his ears at this point.
“Hmmm? Did you shay shomething? I can barely hear you with how tiny you are now. But we’re not done yet.”

“Are you shrinking me? How?! Why?!” Sam said, shocked by the gopher’s response.

Francis rolled his eyes. “Are your ears just for show or shomething? Didn’t I shay before that after thish, you are going to belong to yoursh truly? What did you think I meant?”

Sam was speechless. At the time, Sam had no clue what Francis meant but he definitely didn’t think he was going to shrink the squirrel down and keep him as a pet!

“Oh, Shaaaam! Are you ready for the lasht questiooon?” Francis said in an irritating sing-songy voice, clearly trying to get under Sam’s skin.
Of course, Francis succeeded in pushing the squirrel over the edge.

“What do you mean ‘last question?!,’” Sam lashed out. “I’m not gonna be your toy!”

“Okay then, Sham. Can you reshite the entirety of the shcrolling opening of Shpashe Conflict for me?”
Sam fell silent again. All of the confidence he had just a moment ago drained away as he realized there’s no way he could remember the entire opening credits.

“Your time is running out, Sham.” Francis taunted. As he said that, Sam noticed he had started shrinking again. He had lost Francis’ game and this was his punishment. Soon, the only thing that Sam could see was the fabric of Francis’ pants as his butt grew over him.
The squirrel just continued to shrink and shrink, until he was only two inches tall. Francis noticed that he had finished shrinking and decided to show the squirrel who was boss. The gopher shifted slightly, now completely on top of Sam. Sam could barely move under Francis’ butt. The combination of the fat flesh and the intense musk was all too overwhelming. The fetid aroma of sweat and dirt, among other things, drilled its way into Sam’s nose. Things only got worse when Francis decided to torment his new toy a bit more. Francis’ evil grin grew wider and wider as he ground his butt against the ground. The squirrel was pushed back and forth, being rolled around at the will of the bully. Sam was grinded and rubbed against until, finally, the gopher had completely covered Sam in his stench. He then dug into his ass and pulled the squirrel out from underneath him. Pinched between two fingers, Sam had gone limp. He looked at Francis’ eyes with a face that only showed exhaustion.

Sam watched as Francis brought him closer to his snout, the squirrel almost touching the slick surface. Francis took a long sniff, pulling the squirrel’s body towards the cavernous nostrils. Sam could do nothing as the gigantic bully sniffed him through and through.
“Peeerfect,” Francis said as he brought Sam in front of his mouth. As soon as Francis began to open his maw, Sam’s instincts kicked in and he started flailing once again. As much as he tried to escape, Sam couldn’t get out of Francis’ grip. Francis’ lips parted and revealed the dank den, every inch dripping with saliva. The swelteringly hot breath spewed outward as the gopher’s slimy tongue slithered towards its prey. The panicking squirrel stared as he was brought closer to the disgusting tunnel that led straight to the bully’s oversized gut until…


In one swift motion, the tongue retracted and, with a quick swipe across Francis’ furry lips, it was gone and the threat of being eaten had disappeared. Sam’s heart was threatening to leap out of his chest. It was clear that Francis was toying with him and Sam had a feeling that he wasn’t done yet. Francis placed Sam on the floor between his legs.

“Before I take you home with me, let me show you exactly what you’re in for.”
With that, Francis shifted his leg so that the bottom of his left sandal was positioned in front of the miniscule Sam. He slowly gripped the sandal and slipped it off, revealing the four-toed paw underneath. The sole was dirty, the fur matted and grimy, and the entire thing slick with sweat. And it stunk. The stench was sharp and rank, even worse than the stench that was already attached to Sam from Francis’ backside, though that smell was most likely stifled by the thick slacks. But the thing that Sam couldn’t look away from was the anthropomorphic figure stuck to the pudgy paw.

“I deshided to use this little one as an insole today. Don’t remember what hish name is.” This was all Francis had to say about the bear who had been shrunken down and kept by Francis. The same fate as Sam. Before Sam had time to think about what he was seeing, he was pinched between two fat fingers and lifted up again.

This time the gopher held the squirrel out at arm’s length and used his left arm to pull back the sleeve covering his right underarm. Francis revealed his musky armpit to Sam, the tan fur like a tangled mass of wet vines. Another distinct smell wafted out from Francis’ pit, spreading into the air inside the bathroom. This time, the stench held an oppressive element of sweat and intense heat. Sam hadn’t even noticed that he had started sweating. He knew why Francis was giving him a view of his armpit. A lizard around the same age as Sam, was trapped by the slick fur, bathed in the gopher’s sweat. Even more dreadful, Sam recognized this one as a student that used to go to this very school. In fact, he could recall the lizard at least attempting to make friends with Francis.

“Thish guy wash practically begging for me to keep him. And guessh what? He’s jusht ash eager at two inchesh ash he ish at normal size!” Francis commented with a big smile on his face, as if talking about an action figure. The giant bully rolled his sleeve back up as he continued on, “Don’t worry, though. You’ll be sheeing a lot more of them, little Sham. Now what do you shay we finally get out of here eh?”

With that, Francis opened a pocket in his jacket, dropped the tiny Sam inside, and sealed it close, making sure that his new toy couldn’t escape.
With a grunt, Francis lifted himself to his feet and unlocked the bathroom door. As he walked out, Francis felt the wriggling inside his pocket and began to fantasize about the fun he was going to have with his new plaything.

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