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by Delia
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A donkey's journey
Bocephus lay waiting for his masters to return. As he lay, he noticed the sun was shining, and a gentle cool breeze blew. Meanwhile, he thought of his friend, Jeremy, who was being escorted to the king’s palace. He remembers how they grew up together, but his friend was leaving and Bocehpus was staying behind.
He wondered why he was overlooked while all the other foals left on special assignments. Tears rolled down his face as he dealt with his feelings. His sadness distracted him and he could not enjoy the gorgeous day.
I am a young wild untamed animal that is worthless. No one has wanted to ride me or least wanted me as their foal.
He continued thinking of why he was ignored. A few hours passed by and he no longer laid down but was pacing back and forth. His pacing stopped and so did the thoughts he imagined. He sighed and took another breath then he heard a small voice.
“I would love for you to be my colt.”
Delighted by the words, Bocephus smiled, and several thoughts raced through his mind.
Wow, is this true? Why would you select me? All the other colts had to undergo training before they were considered tamed and useful.
The voice replied, “Submit to your owners when they give you orders follow them.”
Bocephus said, “What do you mean, I follow orders. I do what I’m told, and I’m still overlooked. I’m tired of doing all I’m told with no reward. I should just run away to better owners.”
Again, the unknown voice gently said, “Submit.”
With tears streaming down his face Bocephus agreed.
“I will do as you say” was Bocephus’ reply.

The months that followed were difficult ones for Bocephus. Every morning he was awakened before the sun arose to work in whatever manner pleased his owners. Clinging to a small thread of hope. Bocephus continued to submit. Some days he felt foolish in believing he heard a small voice. In his moments of doubt, He would stay up at night.
God could see Bocephus was losing hope.
Bocephus, I have not forgotten about you. I have been waiting for the perfect time to call for you.
One night, Bocephus wondered.
What kind of person will my owner be?
God knew the hurt and doubt Bocehpus was experiencing and decided to encourage him. As Bocephus dreamed, God showed him something that was in his near future.
He drifted into a deep sleep and as he slept, he had a vision. In his vision, he saw himself walking into a city. People were honoring and adoring a king. The faces of the rider and the people were blurred. In a loud voice, they worshiped his rider. With this vision, Bocephus was encouraged and again believed what the unknown voice said to him. The time for Bocehpus to enter into the purpose God had for him was at hand.

Jesus sent Mark and Andrew to “Go to the village on the other side, untie the colt, and bring him to me. If anyone wants to know why you are loosening him, tell them I need him.”
Mark and Andrew walked quite a distance to get to the colt. When they found Bocephus, the disciples were pleased. Mark’s face lit up and Andrew smiled.
They shouted, “This is the colt for which we came.”
Mark said, “Although we have witnessed many miracles with Jesus, I enjoy seeing things turn out as He said they would.”
Andrew said, “Yes, finding this colt is exciting.”
Mark approached Bocephus and stroked his coarse mane. Andrew untied the rope that bound Bocephus. The owners alarmed by what the two strangers were doing ran to question them.
“Where are you taking him?”
The other person said, “He is a wild foal and no one has ever ridden him. “
Mark answered, “The Lord needs him.”
Once the owners knew whom the disciples were speaking of, they allowed them to take Bocephus. As the disciples headed back to meet Jesus, they spoke of the special task that Bocephus would undertake. Mark patted Bocephus on the head and whispered into his ear.
“You are going to be part of something very important.”
Elated by what he heard, Bocephus was so excited and not paying attention that he caused Mark to fall. Placing his thumb and pinky in his mouth, Andrew whistled three times until Bocephus came to a stop. As they walked with Bocephus, they observed he would easily get distracted. When Bocephus did something he considered wrong, he would lower his head and slowed his pace. He hated making mistakes because he wanted to be perfect. The disciples realized that Bocephus needed to understand the distinction between his new owner and previous ones. As they walked to their destination, the disciples took this time to share with Bocephus who he was to his new owner.
Mark said, “You belong to The King.”
Andrew said, “He selected you and has a plan for you.”
Mark said, “Nothing you do can separate you from your Owner’s love.”
As the disciples continued to speak to Bocephus of these wonderful truths, he believed them for himself. With these truths inscribed in his heart and mind, Bocehpus was able to love his owner and believe that his owner would do what was best for him. Bocephus reached the level of maturity God needed in a colt for Jesus to ride on as He entered the city of Jerusalem.
Andrew and Mark shouted, “We see Jesus!!”

Bocephus’ knees weakened, and an uncomfortable feeling overtook his stomach and sweat dripped from his forehead. They brought him to Jesus, but there was one final thing that needed to happen. They placed their garments over the colt. This demonstrated that he completed the process and was finally ready for Jesus to be his owner. When Jesus sat on Bocephus, he was overwhelmed with joy. They began their journey of entering into Jerusalem.
As he carried Jesus, Bocephus felt proud and grateful.
Jesus, my Owner, is gentle. The crowds worship Him.
Their praise was powerful.
“Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”
Overjoyed and humbled by what was happening, Bocephus lifted his face toward Jesus and smiled.
I am grateful to have waited for this moment. It’s beautiful how the multitudes adore my King.
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