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To be an agent for love and hope, rise up and prepare for the walk of your life!
WDC - Dear Me

Dear Me,

First of all my friend, know that I love you. And even more than that I like you. I know that may come as a surprise given how little time we spend united in the same endeavors. You have your games and entertainment, I have my mission to see a legacy left behind that has a "love for others" as its sole purpose. I ask you to consider being more united with me in the work of bringing hope and help to others. You see the need all around you. Love others enough to enter their world and give them encouragement and support. Life is harder for most people than they could have ever imagined. They endure pain and loneliness and severe deprivations. Offer more of yourself to those who are open to receiving help for their sorrows.

Look at the three communities you belong to and wonder. From the support of your loving family you have been given amazing opportunities to give back to the world in which you were born. Kiss your wife and tell her you love her every morning and then help her to shoulder the gifts she's been given and carry on the ministry she has been called to, with family, friends and the community she loves so much.

As the love of your life blesses you with a knowing smile and an embrace of trust and confidence, go each day into the community of "ministry to children" and write the words that will inspire others to join in the work of teaching and loving our little ones. Beginning January 1, New Year's Day, write, edit and publish a new Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) newsletter to be sent out every U.S. holiday. That is 15 newsletters to be sent out to your CEF supporters, sharing with them the joy of your journey as a minister to Jesus' children. In addition, give each supporter a kind and encouraging email to remind them how courageous and kind they are to love children, not just in word, but with thoughtful, meaningful actions as well.

The community of "ministry to children" will need your training skills operating at the highest level possible in 2019. You will conduct one teacher training a month for four months beginning January 19. You will re-write the six existing workshop presentations on teaching children effectively, so that the principles for developing future leaders will be just as concise but more inspirational.

In your church community you have three commitments that must be honored even though you will often have conflicting meetings because of your work as a lead missionary. You will continue to attend Dungeness Community Church on the Sundays that you are in the vicinity of your home office. This should mean being in fellowship with your own church community at least 22 Sundays in 2019. The two men's Bible studies, Yamada and O'Brien, will also remain a priority in 2019. You should attend at least 30 of the 52 meetings being held in 2019. I will be checking on you to make sure you keep this commitment.

How blessed you are to have a thriving writing community. Dave, the leader of the Saturday morning Sequim Critique group, is both a good writer and a good group leader. Prepare for this group 15 stories and 6 articles to be reviewed and discussed. Take their feedback and shape these items into something that can be published.

You have returned to Writing.com and have once more pressed into some of the that community's writing activities. Well done. You will read and review the work of at least twenty authors within this online writing community. You will make two submissions a month to the contest of your choice as well as post two times a week to your book: "Joy Journey Journal."
Begin your days by discussing your remaining time here on earth with your Father God. Be in unity with Him even as He is in unity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Jesus continues to intercede for you, be faithful to intercede in prayer for those who graciously support you in this life. Be sure to make clear to your family and friends that you have had a rich full life of joy and sorrow and while it may be hard to be separated when it is time to leave this world, we will rejoice once more when reunited in our heavenly home. Communicate this hope daily to your wife, your children and friends. There is a blessed hope from which all joy and song is birthed. Write three new songs this year to celebrate the blessed hope your Father is and be glad.

Well my friend. Give careful consideration to all I have written you and take courage in the days ahead. You have worked sixty years to have the freedom to at last live out your dream of prospering in the faith and blessing those who have blessed you. May you experience the true joy that comes from spending your life for others.

Kindest Regards and Love,


WDC - Dear Me_Contest
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2180337