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by yveny
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Short story/article about how it's like to be me
As a teenager, I want to tell you about the life I live. So everyone that knows me thinks I'm funny, confident, outgoing, talkative, brave and a sarcastic person but deep down inside, I'm dying. I don't technically mean the dying where people say goodbye, I mean the dying where your world is crashing down on you. I'm not sure whether it's depression or something. So there have been many things happening to me and I'm too young for all these things. One time I got suspended for fighting a boy who was spreading rumors about me and calling me nasty words. The worst thing about it is that it was the day before my birthday. Another thing was that I was on an expose page and I didn't do anything wrong. I feel like the pressure was coming onto me but now it is 2019 and I started off the year great. My school isn't great at this moment since there is drama. I want to have a great year and I want to accomplish goals and be a better person. My goal for this year is to speak up for what I feel like what needs to be said. Well, earlier you saw that people calls me confident well if it's for a friend to say to another kid my age, then I will speak out for my friend. But if it's to speak to an adult or something then I'd be afraid. I wrote this short article about me just to say don't let mistakes ruin life for you. Just learn, grow, and heal from them.
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