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by Nate
Rated: E · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #2180447
It's about Jonathan being framed for something he didn't do and it's misunstanding
No More Chances

The Actor's are:

Jonathan as Nathan.

Mel as Melissa.

Nata as Natalie.

Alice Cooper as the CEO of the Studio.

Walter Simon as the Manager of the studio.

The Bad guys are:

Markus Belo as the bad guys CEO.

Larry Kingston as the manager of the bad guys.

Felix Lemming as the boss of the bad guys.

Collin, Shawn and Ray as the bad guys.

The security people are:

Ron and Dawn as the security people

The Play starts here

Narrator: So Jonathan and the Ladies are about to do a play when Walter walks up to them.

Walter: Jonathan can I see you in my office after you are done with the ladies.

Jonathan: sure I'll be right down.

Narrator: and soon Jonathan is done with doing a play with the ladies and heads down to Walter's office.

Narrator: and Jonathan knocks on the door.

Knock, knock.

Walter: come on in.

Narrator: and Jonathan heads inside Walter's office.

Jonathan: hi Walter what did you call me down here for?

Walter: now Jonathan I have some bad news and maybe some good news also.

Narrator: and Markus shakes his head as in saying no.

Markus: (shaking his head and whispering) no we don't have any good news for him.

Narrator: so now Walter and Markus are whispering back and forth.

Walter: (towards Markus whispering) than what should I tell him?

Markus: (towards Walter whispering) just tell him he's done making movies.

Walter: (towards Markus whispering) no sorry I can't do that.

Markus: (towards Walter whispering) yes you can.

Jonathan: hello what's the news?

Walter: oh sorry Jonathan I'll come and find you when we are ready to talk.

Jonathan: (confused) so then can I go?

Walter: yes you may go.

Narrator: Jonathan leaves Walter's office.

Narrator: back in Walter's office.

Markus: what is wrong with you?!

Walter: nothing.

Markus: then how come you didn't fire him?

Walter: because he's a good actor and I don't want to fire one of my best actors.

Markus: then I'll break it to him.

Walter: no!

Markus: then you go and find him and tell him the bad news and remember no good news.

Walter: you know Markus I haven't see Jonathan do anything bad at all.

Markus: well I have.

Walter: if you can prove that he did something bad and illegal then I'll fire him.

Narrator: Markus leaves Walter's office and heads back to his own studio across the busy street.

Narrator: Larry is waiting for him inside the lobby and they chit chat.

Narrator: inside the other studio.

Larry: so is he fired?

Markus: nope, we have to catch him in the act of doing something illegal then he'll be fired.

Larry: I have an idea.

Markus: so what's your idea?

Larry: my idea is this, I'll get Collin and Ray and Shawn to frame him.

Markus: doing what?

Larry: oh that's their idea what they want to do with him.

Narrator: soon Felix shows up.

Felix: hi there.

Larry and Markus: hi Felix.

Larry: maybe Felix can help?

Felix: help with what?

Larry and Markus: on framing Jonathan.

Felix: okay I'll see what I can do.

Narrator: Felix walks away, and goes and finds his bad guys, and soon he finds his bad guys and Felix goes and talks to them.

Felix: hi guys.

Collin and Shawn and Ray: hey boss.

Ray: how are things going?

Felix: not good.

Collin: what's up?

Felix: I need you guys to figure out a way to frame Jonathan.

Shawn: okay boss.

Collin: we won't disappoint you boss.

Felix: make sure you don't.

Narrator: the bad guys leave their studio and go and find Jonathan, and soon they find him and as they talk Shawn, slips Felix's car keys in Jonathan's left back pocket.

Narrator: at the other studio.

Narrator: they head inside the studio.

Collin: hey Jonathan over here.

Narrator: Jonathan walks over to where Collin and Ray are, and is unaware of Shawn, slipping Felix's car keys in his back pocket.

Jonathan: ya what's up.

Collin: well you are a pretty awesome actor aren't you?

Jonathan: ya you could say that.

Narrator: as Collin and Jonathan talk Ray waves Shawn over to put their plan into play.

Collin: well Jonathan it was nice talking to you.

Jonathan: well see you guys next time.

Narrator: the bad guys leave Jonathan alone.

Shawn: well we won't be seeing him any more.

Collin: dang right we won't.

Narrator: but little do the bad guys know that Nata was watching them, and Nata tells her sister what she saw the bad guys do to Jonathan.

Narrator: mean while at the other studio Felix is looking for his car keys, and soon the bad guys show up.

Felix: hey you guys haven't seen my car keys have you?

Shawn: nope.

Ray: did you try and retrace your steps.

Felix: no I haven't. I should try that.

Collin: yes you should try that.

Narrator: So Felix retraces his steps and ends up in the other studio.

Felix: hi Jonathan.

Jonathan: hi Felix what are you looking for?

Felix: my car keys, you haven't seen them have you?

Jonathan: nope sorry I haven't Felix, would you like some help finding them.

Felix: yes I would like some help thank you.

Narrator: soon Jonathan and Felix are searching for Felix's car keys and as they look Alice comes up to them.

Alice: hi Felix and Jonathan what are you two looking for?

Felix: my car keys.

Narrator: as Felix and Jonathan are looking around Alice sees Felix's car keys in Jonathan's left back pocket and takes Felix's car keys out of Jonathan's left back pocket and then calls Jonathan and Felix over.

Alice: Jonathan can I see you both in my office please.

Jonathan and Felix: sure.

Narrator: Felix and Jonathan get up off the floor and walk over to where Alice is standing and then head down to her office.

Alice: now Jonathan what were you going to do with Felix's car keys?

Jonathan: Felix's car keys?

Narrator: Alice holds them up in the air.

Felix: hey there they are (towards Alice) where did you find them?

Alice: they were in Jonathan's left back pocket.

Felix: well Jonathan why didn't you tell me you had them?

Jonathan: I didn't know I had them, honest.

Alice: well Felix I want you to stay here while I call Walter.

Narrator: so Alice phones Walter.

Ring, ring.

Walter: hello?

Alice: hi Walter it's Alice Cooper.

Walter: what's up?

Alice: well I have Jonathan and Felix here with me.

Walter: I hope everything is okay with those two.

Alice: nope Jonathan is in deep trouble.

Walter: I'll be right down.

Narrator: Walter leaves his office and heads down to Alice's office.

Knock, knock.

Alice: come on in.

Narrator: Walter comes in to Alice's office.

Walter: so what's up with Jonathan and Felix?

Narrator: Alice recloses the door.

Alice: well Felix was looking for his car keys and I come around the corner and I see that Felix's car keys are hanging out of Jonathan's left back pocket.

Walter: is this true Jonathan?

Narrator: Jonathan hangs his head in shame.

Walter: I'll take that as a yes.

Narrator: Alice lets Felix leave the office while Jonathan stays behind.

Alice: okay Felix you may leave and here are your car keys.

Felix: thank you.

Narrator: Felix leaves Alice's office.

Walter: now Jonathan I can't believe you would steal Felix's car keys.

Alice: what do you think is a good consequence for you taking his car keys?

Jonathan: um I'm not sure.

Alice: then I hate to say this but you're done making movies Jonathan.

Jonathan: so I'm fired from the movie business?

Alice: yes, now here is the last cheque good bye Jonathan.

Narrator: so Jonathan takes the check from Alice's hand.

Walter: now Jonathan are you able to walk out on your own or do we have to call security to escort you out?

Jonathan: no I'll escort my self out thank you.

Walter: and I'll follow you to make sure you don't get back in.

Narrator: so Walter and Jonathan talk while Jonathan heads down to the front doors.

Walter: man Jonathan I remember when we all first met you.

Jonathan: ya so do I.

Narrator: now Jonathan and Walter are at the front doors of the studio gates.

Walter: well here we are and I guess this where we say good-bye.

Narrator: as Jonathan walks outside of the studio gates Walter closes the gates and locks it and leaves Jonathan alone and Jonathan sit's down on the curve.

Narrator: Collin and Ray and Shawn walk up to Jonathan and chit chat with him.

Collin: hey Jonathan you're having a pretty bad day aren't you?

Jonathan: yes I am.

Shawn: well we'll see you around Jonathan.

Ray: bye Jonathan.

Narrator: as the bad guys leave Jonathan alone the Ladies show up next.

Nata: hey Jonathan that was wrong what Alice did to you.

Jonathan: nope she had every right to do that to me.

Mel: Jonathan you were framed by the bad guys my sis saw the whole thing.

Jonathan: are you sure?

Nata: yes I saw one of them slip Felix's car keys into your left back pocket.

Narrator: soon the security guards show up.

Ron: ladies leave him alone he's been fired.

Nata: no he was framed just check the cameras.

Narrator: soon enough the cameras show Shawn, slipping Felix's car keys into Jonathan's left back pocket.

Mel: so you see Ron and Dawn Jonathan was framed.

Narrator: soon Walter is called down to the security office

Narrator: on the phone.

Walter: hello?

Ron: hi Walter we have something you might want to see.

Walter: I'll be right down with Alice also.

Narrator: so Alice and Walter head down to security office and are both shocked to see what they saw on the cameras.

Alice: well I'm sorry Jonathan that was a big mistake on my behalf.

Walter: and I'll call the police.

Narrator: and soon the police show up at the studio and they all march over to the other studio and the bad guys are arrested and Jonathan is back to being an actor.

The End

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