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Writers Cramp Entry
The air is brisk and the wind burns my face
A long day at work the bus home I chose to take
I step in and pay my dues
Step out and board through the back
Like the colored folks do

I find my seat and sit down
Get comfortable for the long ride
But the bus never starts as it fills up
People stare so much I want to hide

The driver comes back
Says “Ma’am you’ll have to move”
I feel shocked as the white people groan
I may be black but I deserve a seat too

I could choose to get angry
To yell and scream
How much I hate them for hating us
But I continue to sit

The driver says he will call the cops
But I sit silently and wait
Before I know it I am in handcuffs
No longer going home after a hard day at work

I sit in jail tired and upset
Then I get to go since my bond was met
Luckily my life was about to change
My people heard the words I didn’t have to speak

The days passed and plans were set
My court day had come
My fines were announced
All because I chose to sit

Something was very wrong with this world
People treated people cruel
Who am I to tell?
But maybe they still do

You must remain strong in what you believe
But don’t turn dark because you won’t be able to see
The world is a big place full of lots of wrong
Always follow your heart and you will never be wrong
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