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mischief, nonsense and ghost games.
Take a journey through real paranormal phuckery where mischief, nonsense and ghosts play games with the living. Phuckery is explained in the urban dictionary as anything that includes, "Tomfoolery, fake, mischief, bewitching activities, craziness, nonsense, twisted humor, or the act of being fooled." Paranormal phuckery would involve misleading the general public into believing that a specific place is haunted by a vast assortment of entities. It typically fall 's under all of the categories listed above, at least where skeptics are concerned. The more modern useage of the word fall's under anything that comes off as being absolute and undeniable "bullshit," which according to the "Free Dictionary," was formerly considered to be taboo, and was once labelled as such in the older editions of Collins English Dictionary. It has now become acceptable in speech."
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