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A contest entry addressed to myself.
Dear Me,

Over the past year, I've had so many mixed thoughts. That's the simplest way to put it. Most of them are for my future, of course, but I'd like to improve myself as well.

See, 7th grade so far's been weird for me. I'm a pretty sociable person, but the difference between friends and acquaintances gets confusing at times. Also, I feel really awkward around certain people, but I "act" (coff coff lie) my way out of awkward situations. I'm drifting a bit from a best friend who's been at my side since 2nd grade, and making new friends who suit me better, to be honest. We're not telling each other everything, and it feels she trusts others more than me. Another thing that's bothering me is the fact that I'm extremely loud and obnoxious in certain classes, then the most quiet and the one with the darkest aura in others.

Onto my future. Back in grade school, I wanted to be a piano teacher, and major in music. After all, piano was my sole talent at the time, and I was actually good at it. I'd do in-school performances, and be clapped at. In 6th grade, I wanted to be an author, which resulted into me being here. But, now, I've convinced myself that I want to excel in my mom's company, WFG. It doesn't seem so hard, and is already doing much to help my family; even after a couple years, Mom's making more than my dad. After I become a millionaire and all, I'll probably return to writing, perhaps even draw a webtoon (or something). My future's planned, I suppose, and the plan sounds quite good.

But...my goal this year? That's quite complicated. I'm already quite good when it comes to education, and am not lacking in skill (;D). Perhaps I should start
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