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A vulnerable girl meets a new guy in town and things aren't all it seems to be.
It was a warm summer day, not like the ones where you can barely stand the heat but the one where a nice breeze blew onto your skin and the warmth of the sun radiated throughout your body. The kind of day that makes you feel happy to be alive and like you may have a purpose somewhere in this world. This was the day I met Jake and I had no idea where my life would end up in just a few short weeks. He was working at the gas station on the corner by my house where I usually walk to get a cool lemonade before beginning my daily adventure but this was the first time I’d seen him. “Are you new here?” I asked as I sat my cup on the counter and started counting change from my purse. “Is it that obvious?” He nervously laughed. Let me tell you, I don’t know what got me first, his laugh, or his deep coffee brown eyes you could just drown in but something just made me want to be in his presence and learn more about him. He handed me back my change and smiled “Have a good day, have any plans?” “No” I responded promptly, I mean I didn’t. On days like these I just walked the streets, swam in the creek a bit, then sat on my porch with my laptop and played games. I walked out the door with Jake fresh on my mind.

Then I heard the door swing open behind me “Do you mind if I walk you home? I’m on lunch and I could use some fresh air” Jake smiled. It’s a small town, a walk home for me was a few minutes but I happily obliged. “I am new” Jake sighed “New to this job, new to this town, new to this whole kind of life. I’ve never lived in a small town before.” How do I respond to that? I’ve never moved before. I have no good advice but it was obvious he was looking for something to make him feel more welcome here. “It’s not bad” I snickered “I’m sure it’s definitely a huge change for you but there is so much here to see. We live in a nice little town where there is a lavender farm and a creek for swimming. At night you can sit outside and smell the lavender sifting through the wind. I even open my window when it’s cooler so I can sleep to that smell. I love it here.” Jake smiled and nodded his head, I figure my words didn’t help as much as I’d hoped. Just like that though my walk home was over and it went way faster than usual, isn’t it funny how time flies when you don’t want it to? “Well, here we are. This is my house.” I sighed. “Well at least I know where you live now and it’s not far from work. Do you mind if I text you? I could sure use a friend here” Jake smirked. We exchanged numbers and waved goodbye.

A few weeks pass and texts are exchanged, they mostly circle around getting to know each other and trying to make plans but never sticking to them that was until the night of July 8th. We had agreed to meet at the local bar and have a few drinks then take a walk around town. I arrived in my best cleavage showing shirt and my makeup was as good as I could do it, then I walk in and there was Jake, and he was just so handsome. “You look wonderful” Jake blushed “Why thank you, you sure look smitten yourself” I dallied back. The night went wonderfully I couldn’t ask for my life to be going in any better at this moment. He walked me home and put his leather jacket over my shoulders, he even held my hand the entire way. Just like that though as always in this town we arrive too fast and I’m far from ready for this night to end. “Well” Jake groaned “We’re back to this spot again” I nodded softly “It’s quite unfortunate”. I then felt Jake's velvet soft hand caress my cheek, I looked into his eyes and his warm perfect lips met mine.

Wow, is the only way I can describe it. For some reason though he didn’t look like he had just experienced what I did. “Look tonight was fun but I got to go now” Jake hurried “Keep my jacket, I’ll text you later”. Just like that he turned and sauntered away. I walked inside confused and took off the jacket when I felt something hit the floor. I looked down and it was his phone, I picked it up and ran outside to see if he was still close but he was nowhere to be found. I sat in the porch swing and decided to try and text one of friends from it so maybe they could let him know I had it. I got into the texts and see a contact named “Master”, naturally I’m curious but should I? I click on the message box, no self-control. I’d soon regret what I did as I scrolled through the messages “How are you doing with her? Do you have her where we need her yet?” Master sent. “I’m working on it, but I’m having some problems I kind of actually like her. Can’t we choose someone else?” Jake replied “No” Master replied. My stomach was in knots, I read through the conversation and quickly found out what he had planned for me. Jake was working for a pimp trying to lure girls into sex trafficking, and I was on the list. I looked up from the phone with tears in my eyes and took a deep breath and it was at that moment the smell of the fresh air had a hint of honesty, lavender, and lies.
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