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One day? Heck, I can do one day standing on my head!
Resolution Day

Earth tugs our feet, we ride along;
it spins us ‘round to each new dawn.
The days pile up, they blow away;
the seasons change but we remain.

So, weeks and months go whirling by
as headlong through the year we fly.
The seasons cycle without end
and New Year’s Day has come again.

A time to pause and think anew
of things undone we might yet do.
Or habits that we’d like to break,
we’ll snuff the butts and cut out cake.

We look again at choices rued
and list the things that we’d improve.
I’ll read a book, you’ll learn to skate -
let’s join a gym and drop some weight!

Though good intentions start out strong
big changes seldom last for long.
Too much, too soon, we burn out fast,
real change remains beyond our grasp.

A thousand small steps, one per day,
may prove to be the better way.
So wake each morn, arise and say,
“This I resolve, for just one day.”

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