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She's stuck at home. He's roaming around the world. "See you across the world!"
Claudia stared at the exposion of Doritos crumbs on her bedroom floor, genuinely interested in its orangey, powdered shell. "Claudia! What on earth are you doing not cleaning up these specks!" her mother Laura yelled. Laura is deeply concerned about her seventeen year old daughter's odd behaviour recently. She thinks that Claudia has been punishing herself too hard about not earning the scholarship in Fine Arts, although she has already got three other scholarships this year.
"Mum, I'll clean it up later, I promise," Claudia replied blankly, with half of her face still buried in the yellow pillow that acted as her chin rest and layed as still as a staue on her bed. Laura was about to give her daughter another lecture about the importance of dilligence when she rushed out to retrieve her ringing phone from the living room table.
Claudia's laptop abruptly disturbed her peacefulness and the silence in her room. Claudia finally moved for the first time after she demolished the bag of Doritos in under 2 minutes, and reached for her laptop that sat on her bedside table. Claudia suddenly shot up from her bed, left her laptop and ran to her grab her phone."Why did you still sign me up for this thing!?" Claudia asked loudly and exasperatedly at her phone, which had her best friend Hannah on the other side. Claudia's laptop sat still on her bed while Claudia paced around the house, with the words: Welcome! Thank You for signing up as social media tester for, Across The World (ATW), unceasingly showing on its bright screen.
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