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My finished Dear Me 2019 entry
Dear Me,

This is an intervention. I refuse to allow any more of your destructive behavior.

Each year,—no each day,—you’ve had opportunities to change

your life and expand your horizons. Instead, you whined, procrastinated, and

believed it was impossible. So I’m taking control of your life this year. I know

you possess everything necessary to succeed. You have intelligence,

imagination, and determination. You’re strong, tenacious, and fearless. In

January 2019, you will move forward and never look back. Believe this, and

nothing can delay, block, or thwart you.

I’m providing the one thing you lack—a framework. This year, I’m

setting goals for you to follow. These are not good intentions or wishful thinking;

nor are they easily discarded resolutions. These goals are clear, fixed, and

specific. I believe in you and I know setting proper, useful goals will make

reaching them easier. In 2019, you will have them.

Let’s talk.

First, ground yourself in your faith. Your life as a Christian is paramount to your

success. Remind yourself daily that you can do all things in Jesus’ strength and

hang onto that thought. Rely on the Lord’s knowledge of who you are: a new

creation, a conqueror, a victor in Jesus. Remember everything He provides for

you and move forward in faith. Free yourself. Stop replaying old scripts or

reliving past injuries. Ditch grievances and abandon grudges. Forgive other

people. Forgive yourself. Take out the trash inside your spirit. This is

crucial and you need it more than you can imagine.

Establish routines. Get up at the same time every day. You already

have morning routines in place: feed the cats, write, eat breakfast, get dressed

and pray. None of that is onerous, so add a few items. Keep them simple and

doable, such as tidying a room, mopping a floor, or clearing off countertops.

Once these routines become automatic, add more. Stick to slow and

consistent improvement. Do not procrastinate or expect perfection—this

thinking paralyzes you. Attempt something, or anything, to create a

welcoming home. You’ll be astounded at the amount of peace, joy, and

confidence this creates. Remember, you’re doing this for yourself.

Don’t squander your gift for writing. Use WDC to sharpen your skills. Enter the

Cramp one dozen times this year. That’s once a month, well within your abilities.

Enter the Lighthouse poetry contest six times this year. You have several

weeks to submit an entry, so the deadline is easy to meet. I also expect you to

write in a new genre.

Become more active on WDC: contribute to the newsfeed, review other people’s

work, and write that collection of advice to newbies. You already have an idea

for a merit badge, so gather up your courage and your gp’s, then contact

StoryMistress. Encourage the other writers.

Edit your work. Yes, editing is painful and you dislike it, but if you want to

be published, it’s necessary. Reorganize your port and fit together your writing

thematically. In particular, assemble a folder of your spiritual, reflective, and

inspirational pieces. This writing becomes the basis for publishing that book.

Yes, I used the “P” word. Remember, you can do all things through Christ who

strengthens you, even close editing and publication. I plan to throw that verse in

your face all year if necessary, so get used to it. You can and will achieve this.

God knows you’re ready for this, and so do I.

Your writing is a gift from God. The book is His idea and the reason behind that

folder you’re assembling. Reread your written journal entries and pay attention

to what’s in them. Yes, I can hear you saying “Ugh.” Yes, the work is repetitive

and forces you to look at old writing. But this presents a great opportunity. You

have the freedom to improve all this material, to tie it together and shape these

entries into something precious and valuable. Rereading the journals will inspire

you and provide new insight which will lead to additional writing. I guarantee you

will find new and expanded meaning in old entries. You aren’t leaving your past

writings behind you, but combining them with the WDC folder entries. This

offers a foundation for the book God is revealing to you.

In June 2018, you left your previous church and didn’t look back. For that, I’m

proud of you. The new church suits you so much more. You’re freer to pray,

praise, and worship as you want. The format is less restrictive and the people

more varied. But now that you’re at another church, don’t stagnate. Start writing

for the other members. Share your thoughts about faith, spiritual gifts, reaching

people, or anything else God prompts you to say. You have a unique and

valuable perspective; share that with the people around you. Write something

for the church every ten days, and talk with the pastor’s wife about this as a

ministry. Don’t forget she’s a writer, too.

Contact six people this year who you’ve neglected, whether friends, neighbors,

or relatives. Email Mum’s best friend, your bingo pal in Arizona, and that one

cousin on Dad’s side of the family. These individuals help make up your life, so

stay in touch. Get to know the neighbors, too. Write a thank you note to the

people next door—that fudge was delicious. Bake cookies for the woman across

the street. You’ve already met and spoken with them, so follow through and

make them friends.

Finally, look after your health. You know how much losing weight will help your

arthritis, your sleep apnea, and even your epilepsy. Lose a half pound to a

pound each week, working toward a weight goal. Drink at least sixty-

four ounces of water each day. Eat at regular intervals, slowly savoring each

bite. Don’t eat food you don’t want, and trade processed food for fresher items,

such as fruit, granola, and dairy. Return to the cholesterol diet plan you found

and use it as a guideline for grocery shopping and meal planning. Don’t let other

people’s food choices determine what or how much you eat. Cut back on

noodles, potatoes, and bread.

Remember you need exercise too. Become more active, starting now. Build

exercise into your day. Take short walks daily and perform the stretching routine

that was so successful before. Don’t skip a day, but get moving and keep

moving. Being at home is no hindrance; stop telling yourself that lie. Climb the

stairs more frequently, get down on your knees and clean beneath the furniture,

and take time to dance. As you become fitter, you can attempt longer or more

vigorous exercises. You can do this. I’m looking forward to seeing you improve

your health.

Compared to what you’ve been doing, these are high expectations. The goals

may seem challenging, but they also fit together. You begin your day with

encouragement from the Lord, so allow that to set the tone for that day.

Cleaning is additional exercise. Eating well provides you with energy to face the

day. Writing forces your body to be still. Your writing, your participation on WDC,

and contacting others enriches you. When you see the results from

efforts, you’ll want to keep going.

I know you’re able to accomplish these goals. I am your biggest cheerleader,

your number one fan, and the voice urging you forward. Be encouraged, and

step forward with faith and confidence. You shall do this. I guarantee it.



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