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by Teresa
Rated: E · Lyrics · Comedy · #2180778
A darker look at 'Beauty and the Beast', set to the tune of 'Red River Valley'
         Red River Belle

From this village they say you are going,
you've a promise that's beastly to keep,
so you glide through the gloom like a shadow,
to keep house with a fur covered freak.

Do not gag when you find you must kiss him,
after dining on blood-rare roast beef,
only cover your mouth with a napkin,
while you pick out the hairs in your teeth.

You may never be able to love him,
He may always behave like a beast,
but that pelt gives you warmth through the winter,
and in summer there's always the leash.

And you won't have to watch for your figure,
you can eat all you want at the feast,
there's no need to maintain such a beauty,
when you walk through your life with a beast.

song: Red River Valley
fairy tale: Beauty and the Beast
16 lines
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