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A leader gets a negotiated solution that is nothing but a joke.
The room fell silent as he strode in. No one dared to speak as the imposing figure turned to face them.
His eyes swept the room as if searching for any hidden devices. His security detail already did that job, but he still felt the need to make sure himself that he was not in danger.
Like a CEO of a large corporation, he read the gathering in the room. In a sense, it was very much like a board meeting, yet this was not a meeting of the board.
This was a negotiation.
He glanced at his watch. There was no time to waste, and his patience was wearing thin.
“OK. What do you have for me?” He didn’t bother to sit. If the answer didn’t suit him, then there’s nothing else to talk about.
The chief negotiator cleared his throat. “Mr. President, we have a compromise.”
The president’s eyes lit up as he sat, "That's great, Charles. I like it when others see things my way. So, what’s it?”
Charles, or Chuck as others called him, smiled, “We agree that you will have your wall.”
The president’s smile broadened, “Wonderful!”
“But…” Charles continued.
The president's smile disappeared. He hates "buts."
"It will be made of brick, not concrete or steel."
“Is this a joke?” the president thundered. Snickers and nervous chuckles greeted his outburst.
"No joke," Charles smiled. “We believe that a brick wall is an excellent alternative. It’s just as effective a barrier as any wall you choose to erect at the border.”
The president frowned, “Charles, you’re making light of this aren’t you?”
“No Mr. President, you see if you import the bricks from China, and use cheap labor from Mexico…”
The president had had enough of this mockery,
“Everyone, get out!”
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