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A persons life described on a stage of the theater.
Awe the stage of my life,
Inside the church the, the Father’s wife,
As the lights ignite,
So does your adventure at first sight,
As you step on the stage,
Starting with a fresh page,
You look toward the view,
Of the audience who gives you the Que,
Dancing this way in that crusade,
Stressed I picked up the script God made,
The script the guidebook to the play,
The bible that points to the right way,
You might fall our stumble,
The Director, God will not yell of grumble,
But speak with a voice of the breeze,
In a newly born spring that is impossible to freeze,
If you forgot a line then he gives forgiveness,
When you feel stressed, he is full of kindness,
You might think your at your last act,
Saying “Death is in my life for a certain fact.”,
Making your way to the door,
Your certain there is no more,
Then the Director, of the play,
God the Director of every day,
He points back the stage,
Telling you that’s not the last page,
Walking back you remember the lord’s will,
To reach others, setting an example,
Of the Lord’s Love,
Which is more precious than a dove,
The in good time, comes the final scene,
With good or bad, careless which is seen,
You bow to the audience whose sitting,
As you go to the grave of your fitting,
then rising to God, who judges you,
Your life, the beginning, the end and all threw,
He then applaud you for the performance,
Of the life in the utmost importance,
Then the Father invites you,
Preston Darwood 😊
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