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The poem is about Dyslexia
Ode to my Dyslexia,
For it has done much for me,
A gift it is to be,
A power of the right mind,
Odd skills you could find
To memorize more than others,
Many secrets it utters,
To think differently than the left brain,
Ode to Dyslexia what a gain,
Many cons it has though,
I study very slow,
I have to read with a yellow tint paper,
Some time it is bad and sometimes it is a favor,
I can’t have numbers and letters in one sentence.
For the bad grades I need repentance,
Then again it is a bounty to me,
A devil and an angel it can be,
Creating is a strength of mine,
Dyslexia has no line,
It is normally off the beaten path,
There is my weakness in math,
Dyslexia can do extraordinary things,
Though It can be very anguish at times,
Many different ways of thinking it brings,
My main strengths are poetry and art,
Other than that I’m not so smart,
My dyslexia is a key to one world,
But a lock to another,
It can be a bother,
Sometimes it can be a power,
It just depends on the hour,
Thanks to God
For dyslexia which is a gift to me.
Preston Darwood 👍
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