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Joel's eighteenth became more than he imagined
Joel never met his mother, which changed on his 18th birthday. The morning of his 18th birthday was a bright and beautiful spring filled day. The sun light began to playfully wake him from his slumber. His alarm went off and began making such a racket the sound piercing felt as if it was stabbing his brain directly. Joel woke in panic eyes wide and lifting his heavy head from his pillow with a glance of hatred he reached to turn it off but his depth perception had not reached its usual precision yet which caused fumbled the alarm clock to the ground. The alarm came to a stop as it thumped against the hardwood floor surprisingly miss the heaps of clothes on the floor of the typical suburbanite teenage kids bedroom. Joel got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. Gazing into the mirror he saw his disheveled Short brown hair which he gently ran his fingers through nearly instantaneously fixing it to the way he liked wearing it. Next he leaned into the glass looking into the corners of his soft blue eyes looking for the remainder sleet from the night's sleep that maybe left in his eyes but on this morning there was none. He could also see that he had dark bags under his eyes most likely from the lack of sleep while playing the new video game The Fey land adventures. He did not show any signs of concern as the bags would probably be gone before lunch, youth has its advantages. He then looked into his straight pearly white teeth lifting the corners of his mouth to inspect them looking for stray food that may have lingered from his pizza and sour cream and onion chips that he had for dinner the night before. After his inspection was satisfied he splashed two handfuls of lukewarm water in to his face and applied a good amount of deodorant the typical teenage kind in a black and grey colour scheme with sports grip texturing aerosol spray can.

The smell of Breakfast wafted and lingered through the house and just hit Joel's nose as he started coming down the stairs. Freshly cooked eggs and bacon instantly made Joel's mouth water. As he entered the kitchen he saw his dad has he finished plating Joel breakfast at the kitchen table. His Father was easily recognizable as he looked just like Joel just about Twenty to Thirty years older and several small grey hairs had begun to invade the Dark brown sides of his hair. His father looked up to see his Joel enter the kitchen to which his face became all teeth and smiles.

"Good morning big guy, you excited to turn eighteen?" his dad asked in his most leave it to beaver voice and cadence.

"Hey Dad I am eighteen now!" Joel protested while holding back a smile and maybe even a giggle.

"Not true you are about one hour away and before you do I have a few things to tell you" his demeanor became much more serious as he sat down beside Joel at the kitchen table.

"You see son today is a very important day" he began
"I know I know I was excited all week about today but I'm not going to turn into a maniac just because I'm one year older" Joel Interrupted almost annoyed.

"No that is not it.... I.... Look there is a lot you don't know about your mother and I know I never talked to you much about her." he paused to let Joel prepare for the next part of his father's confession. His father carried on "Your mother did leave when you were just a baby but it wasn't to run away from her responsibility, it was to fulfill her responsibility." he Cleared his throat before continuing. "The first rule and responsibility of a mother is to protect their child." tears began to roll down his cheek.

"Dad what are you trying to say?" Joel softly asks as he gently places his hand on his fathers to offer comfort.

"I'm trying to tell you your mother is alive and coming for you today" he burst with an odd mixture of anger and joy all at once. "There it will all become clear just read that letter" he proclaimed.

In Front of Joel Propped up by a glass of orange juice was an off white envelope. Written on the front was the words for Joel's eighteenth birthday Sorry. The last words ink had ran and made it blurry and discolored as if a tear had fallen there when it was written. Joel Lifted the letter turning it around he could see it was sealed with red wax that had been stamped though not the red you see in movies and t.v. shows this red looked like blood. In the red seal there was a stamp pressed into the wax. Inside the wax looked what he could only describe as a fairy wand and all. He grabbed the seal and felt it release from the rest of the envelope allowing him to lift the flap and peer inside. There was a letter and a key inside the faded envelope. Upon the paper was pictograms of ruins and words from some strange language. When he fully unfurled the paper it sparked bright like the flash of a camera but with purple light and trace of floating magical glitter. The strange word began to reconfigure and he was able to read them. The first word coalesced and he said
The next came to view he said
Then the next and the one after that
With that a larger flash came with billowing with smoke. As the smoke dissipated Joel could see a Beautiful women That looked no older than himself once he saw her eyes he knew who she was and Said " Mom?".......

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