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A dhampir must fight demons in order to save her daughter.
Chapter I
The Hunter of the Night

Droplets of rain splashed on Cateria Belmaunto’s face as she ran through a forest, strands of her long silver hair falling into her face as she moved. The hooting of owls echoed in the night air as she sped up, her red irises glowing as she thought to herself. The Damned Beast that took my daughter has found a way to mask the scent of his blood. Foolish bastard, I will teach him a lesson on making a mockery of me. Stopping suddenly, she wrapped her hand around the hilt of her sword. I can smell the blood scent of several goblins nearby, along with a --

A large wolf-like creature burst through the trees, it's jaws aimed at her head. Leaping backward, she dodged the creature’s attack. “A Warg?” she whispered to herself as she drew her sword. “Then that means they already know I’m here.” Her attention shifted to the goblin that rode on top of the beast. “Tell me where my daughter is!”

“Master, said not to allow you to pass. Not until the ceremony is finished.”

“Ceremony?” Cateria glared at the Goblin. “What Ceremony?”

“To revive the demon king that your father slew so long ago.” A large smile crossed the Goblin’s face. “The blood of the Vampire King is required to revive him.”

“My father’s blood….” Cateria shook her head. “So, that is why my daughter was taken? Tell me, how many did it take to overpower her?”

“She killed many of my kin, but master managed to defeat her.” The Goblin leaned forward. “It's a shame we could not take turns with her. She is quite young, and a virgin as well. We would have had such fun.”

Cateria glared at him, his laughter ringing in her ears. “I see….” Tossing her blade to the ground, she walked toward the Warg. On instinct, the beast lunged at her, it's fangs aimed at her head. The Dhampir made no attempt to dodge as she raised her hands, catching the beast in the middle of its attack. Her feet dug into the muddy earth as she was pushed backward, using her strength to stop the large beast. “You have mistaken me for a fool it appears.” With a single move, she ripped the warg’s head off.

The goblin was left speechless as the headless husk fell to the ground, dropping its rider to the ground..

Blood splattered on Cateria’s armor and skin as she tossed the head of the Warg at the goblin. “Now then, tell me where my daughter is.” Lunging at the goblin, she wrapped her fingers around his throat. “My daughter means the world to me. Did you think kidnapping her was a good idea? I may be half-human, but I am still the daughter of a vampire king.” Her attention shifted to the goblins that were hidden from view. “Cowards, just like everyone who has ever targeted my family.” She tossed him to the ground. “I can smell their blood. Quite a sizable number of them, I see…” A faint purple aura began to surround her body. “It appears they all came to die at my hands.”

The Goblin could only watch as the screams of his fellow goblins filled the night air. Rain and blood splashed on his face as limbs flew past him. Fear seized him as the head of a goblin landed next to him, its blood intermixing with the mud of the earth. “What is she?” He stood up, reaching for a silver dagger. Raising the blade, he felt his body refuse to act as the screams died off one by one. My son!!!! The goblin thought as he dropped his dagger at the sight of his son’s bloody body being carried by Cateria. “Monster! Let him go!”

“So, he means a lot to you.” Cateria held him up. “I can smell the blood of all living creatures. It's a gift of my father’s vampiric heritage. It's so sensitive, I can even smell if two people are related.” Her fingers dug into his face, drawing more blood. “Tell me something, do you hate to see your son suffer? Would his life be worth less than the master you serve?”

“N…” The goblin began to speak, but fear consumed him. “I cannot betray my master. If I do, he will slaughter my entire tribe! He saved us from the Lycans that live in this forest!”

“So, you fear the wrath of your master and the Lycans.” Cateria ripped the head off the goblin. “I am the one you should fear the most. Taking my daughter was a serious mistake.” She threw the headless corpse by the feet of the older goblin. “I killed your comrades and your son. How many more must I kill before you tell me where my daughter is?”

The Goblin closed his eyes for a brief moment as he reached for his son’s lifeless body. “You are an arrogant dog, just as your father was before you. When he entered our realm, he killed many of my kind, and slew the Demon King. After that, we lost everything as we were scattered. The only good thing that happened from that terrible day was that your father died at the hands of human hunters.”

Cateria said nothing, her eyes focused intently on him.

He began to laugh at the reaction on her face. “You were an infant at the time. To imagine that even the mighty King of the Vampires, whose power was feared all across the lands, would sire such an abomination creature such as you.” Standing, he held his son’s arm. “My son was only a child when your father rampaged across our lands. To think he would die at the hands of a half-breed daughter. Still, at least the demon king will be revived by the blood of his granddaughter.”

“I don’t give a damn what my father did!” Cateria grabbed him by the throat, lifting him off the ground.

The Goblin struggled to escape her grasp.

“It seems you refuse to tell me.” Cateria let a frustrated sigh escape her lips.. “It seems I have no other choice but to force you to tell me. You said that you feared your master’s actions if you betrayed him.” She pulled him closer, her eyes meeting his. “The earth is stained with the blood of your son and fellow goblins. If I could slaughter them this easily, what makes you think I can’t do the same to the rest of your kind?” Grabbing his left arm, she heard the sound of bone-crunching. “With no effort of my part, I crushed the bones in your arm.” Tossing him on the ground, her attention remained focused on him. “Was your son the only loved one that I have killed? Why risk the rest of your kin against my wraith?”

“Alright…” The goblin clutched his broken arm. “I shall tell you everything you want to know. Master has taken the gi--” his words were interrupted as acidic spit hit his face. In seconds, the flesh of his face was burned away.

“Another one? ” Cateria looked around the area, a sense of uneasiness gripping her. Her heart began to beat faster as she tried to find the unseen forces that stalked her. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. “Damn it, I can’t smell the blood of whatever attacked the goblin. Where is it?” Her answer came in the form of a large green tail that struck her in the face. The force of the club-like blow sent her flying into a nearby tree.

The goblin could no longer speak, his vocal cords melted away by the acid that seared his flesh. Helpless, he could do nothing as a figure loomed over him.

“Massster warned you that any betrayal would result in your kind being desstroyed. As you die, remember your loved oness will join you ssoon.” Opening his mouth, he spat a green fluid onto the goblin. The smell of burning flesh and bone filled the air as the goblin’s body melted from the acid, leaving nothing behind after only a few seconds.

“So….” Cateria wiped the purple blood that ran down her chin. “The legends of a race of lizard-like demons are true after all.” Said the dhampir as she stood up.

“Half Breed, you carry the ssame sscent as the one who killed my kind.” Snarling, the lizard man got on all fours. “I will rip your head off and eat your brainss.”

Cateria scoffed at his words. “Such a vile beast does not deserve to live. But you will answer my questions.” A purple aura began to surround her body. “Until I find my daughter, I will not hesitate to kill anything that dare stands in my way.” The power of her vampiric heritage coursed through her body, her irises taking on a steady purple glow. Thunder roared overhead, bringing down more rain that splashed against her skin. “I should warn you, the scent of so much blood on the ground has awakened my instincts.” Her fangs grew in size as she licked the blood of the goblin off her arm. “ Tell me, do you wish to dance with me?”

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