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Just writing to write, I always go with the flow.
Life was giving centuries ago, been alive is one of the most bless feeling I have ever imagen. Never taught as a child I will be the woman I am today. Unstable, emotionally damage and back at square one living with a sibling at the age of 27. Never taught I will be back on a couch, never taught about been unstable after all the hard work I did as a younger version of me.
Life has shown me that anything you plan without a foundation it will crumble; literally. sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I never moved away from my home town as a kid. Living in the barrios of Puerto Rico at an early age gave me hope of becoming someone bigger than myself at that moment in time but it didn't turn out that way. At the age of thirteen, I was lied too and moved far away from my culture, to a Caribbean island where all my hopes and dreams were drowned.
Never wanted to leave my home, my friends and my life even though it was not perfect, but I had no choice. I lived on that island for seven years, I got educated, emotionally broken down and my dreams got crushed also down the line. I became very rebellious and alcoholic beverages became my best friend. Education was my only way of freedom I always loved been surrounded by others in a system that teaches how to be more yourself, but it didn't work for me until I started believing in myself.
I meet this awesome teacher in my high school who change my way of style and thinking. I fell in love with her and until this day I call her mom. she made a big impact on my life as a teen, she made me realize even though you don't have a bed of roses anymore you have to learn to pick the weeds and make the best of them. My emotions are all over the place at this moment as I write this piece.
After graduating high school I moved to the big apple where my life changes drastically. I became very addicted to the nightlife and the fast money, something I never ever taught I can do. Pole dancing because my biggest obsession and so did the heavy drinking; was the best way I could of control my emotions.

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