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The revelations of rain... (Form: Free Verse) A Shadows and Light Entry

Like tender hands surrounding
this planet of our birth,
tiny points of brilliance
dot the velvet of the skies.

As they float in the heavens
they join and coalesce
and fall upon the Earth
in a wet caress.

Sunlight flashes through them
releasing rainbow smiles
in every hue and color.

Small - and yet each drop
contains an awesome power:
strength to humble mountains;
gentle nurture for each flower.

I watch and perceive a gentle stirring;
my heart awakening
    to a flood of feelings
that thoughts of rain bring forth.

Rain can touch emotions
of gentleness and sorrow
bringing tears of joy or remembered pain...
    or remind us of nature
          with her awesome strength.

Rain can bring a cleansing
or obscure the questing searchers
or gently touch a newly formed life
with a hand that softly encourages
and nurtures.

I look at each argent drop that falls
with new eyes and I find
revealed, meaning in each facet
    like a cloudburst in my mind.

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An entry for the Round 68 of "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest
Prompt: Open
Maximum Line Count: 40
Line Count: 33
Form: Free Verse
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