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we all want to reach our goal.But,some people give up..Here is a little thing to help.
we all want to reach our goal.But, we find some traffics try to stop us.Some people continue reaching their

goals but some not.And for the people who give up.Don't ever give up.You will find traffics that will try to stop you,But why will you

stop?.If you gave up reaching you goal then congratulation you gave up and lost your war with the traffics.Try harder & harder to reach

your goal,even if you found traffics keep going.DON'T EVER give up,lose your hope reaching your goal,or lose faith in God.God is

always here for you.You have to work hard and always pray to God.Praying is not just for reaching your goal.Praying to God means that

you are communicating with him,being closer to God,Thanking him for everything he made to you and gave you,Thanking him for saving

you when you were in a dangerous time,Thanking him for being always there for you in your hard and easy times,Well not just hard and

easy time.He is always here,every minute and every second he is here.God is always watching you.Remember,life is a test.God made it

to see if you are doing what he said,doing right things,reaching your goals,see if you are strong,and alot of things.Every body make a

mistake.But,it isn't an excuse for keeping doing mistakes.Don't ever give up or lose your faith in God.You can and you are going to make

it and reach it *Heart*
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