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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2180915
A short story that is dark but shows how the mind works inside of someone.
         Ben Shapiro had just been getting hammered at the cozy bar, it was 09:15 when Ben had received the call that his wife had just gotten rushed to the hospital. He could not have gotten any worse news at that time. He thought that he had been sober enough to drive to the hospital, he was right. He swerved in and out of traffic, screaming at traffic to get out of the goddamn way as if it would help. Maybe he was drunk he thought as he flew past a family van.
         The horn must have broken as when he swerved into the hospital parking lot the horn was not honking. He took off his trench coat that he had to wear in the bar and on the drive to the hospital. He put the coat into the back seat carefully as it was a relic for him, he slammed the door rushing inside the white hospital.
         The hospital was buzzing with activity as he went to the front desk to talk to one of the clerks sitting in an office chair. The redhead seemed to him to not care enough to look up from her game of Candy Crush on her phone. This is a hospital, it is supposed to be full of professionals.
         He coughed into his fist getting the middle-aged woman’s attention, “Hey my wife was rushed into the emergency room can I see her.”
         The redhead looked at him with sympathy, “What is her name and when was she initiated into the hospital?”
         “Her name is Whitney Shapiro, she was brought at nine-fifteen pm,” Ben looked at her with empathy asking. “When will she be able to have visitors and what room is she in?”
         The woman said, “Take a seat, you will be able to visit her after she is stabilized.”
         Ben slowly walked out of the hospital lighting a cigarette as he inhaled the smoke that was going to kill him one of these days. He grabbed his trenchcoat from the car not to get a cold as it was in the middle of winter.
         He walked into his wife’s room as the doctors had exited the room for some privacy., he was given some latex gloves for the protection of his skin. He sat calmly as she slowly recounted the story of how a woman dressed in black had blown off both of her kneecaps with a silver-suppressed pistol and just walked out leaving her to bleed to death.
         “Did you see the assailants face?” he asked calmly to her rubbing her hand that was in his lap, “Did he say anything?”
         She broke into tears recounting the person she thought to be a woman, “She said that I had done a dirty deed for my own gain.”
         Ben nodded solemnly as she looked at him with dread curiosity, he pushed her hand away from her landing onto the side of the hospital bed. He reached into his trenchcoat to fumble for the metal handle. His hand finally grasped the handle pulling it out and flipping the long silver knife in the side of the coat. He pulled the blade out of the jacket with his covered hand on the knife he said to her, “You got one thing wrong… it was a he.”
         He placed the pillow over her face to hide the cryptic mess of blood and gouges, he slowly passed the heart rate monitor that had been unplugged. He walked down the hallway passing the crimson stained floors with shell casings from a 9mm pistol. Bodies of patients and doctors alike filled the hallways, their blood seeping over the floor.
         This didn’t have to happen the man thought to himself as he walked past the redhead woman lying against the wall. Her eyes were wide open in shock of the man walking into the building with his trench coat on and gun in hand. He was the stereotypical school shooter type in school or that is what people called him. He knew the lessons of The Bible to turn the other cheek, but he couldn’t let the Lord’s work go undone. He had taken out the woman as soon as he walked in and shot everyone who had got in his way.
         The doctors in her room were murdered by him, as soon as they answered the door they were stabbed and dragged into the hall. All the while Whitney was screaming for someone to help understand what was going on out there. That was when he came in with latex gloves from a box in his truck when she asked him why he was wearing them he said: Skin protection. That was a lie, it was because he had planned to dispose of her unfaithfulness as the lord sought fit.
         Before he exited the building he put his index finger and middle finger into a peace sign. Which he then closed the woman's eyes so she can finally rest in peace in death. His wife was going to hell and he was okay with it, well that was what the voices in his head told him. Yet he believed the voices that advised him on what to do, and they told him to finish off the rest of her side of the family…
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