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In the middle of Winter it is a good idea to stroll through your neighborhood store.
I like the activity of shopping in the dead of Winter's Arctic Blast. Just after the busy holidays there are some select sale items as clearances. Today, I got some buy one get one free vitamins.

It is nice and warm inside the store where one can walk around it while there is snow and ice outside. That is why I wore my boots for the walk from the parking lot that tells it all. Who can pass up a nice environment like that inside store.

I even said hello to the fish in the aquariums when passing by isles of goods to be sold. I managed to fill one small basketful of goods I've been putting of getting. And, my sister whom was with me adorned the women's clothing section. Although, I'm all set or clothes for now.

There were some empty shelves to make way for some new items for the New Year. They will soon be displaying chocolates for Valentine's Day. I prefer the dark chocolates on sale the following day as a rule. I'll be out there hunting treats for my sweet tooth.

I'm going to make it to our town's shopping Mall while it still exists with many store closures in it. I'm hoping it can renew itself with new kind of stores that are set up with booths of different merchants as a Center. I'm so ready to stroll to shop again soon.
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