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by Norman
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Don't ever trust a built-in smile
He always had a built-in smile;
he wore it all the time.
I never saw him with a frown;
his mood was so sublime.

He always gave a friendly word.
He was so neat and kind.
He had an air of worthiness;
that’s what he brought to mind.

It was easy to look up to him.
He was the nicest guy.
Of course, he sold used autos,
but would he ever lie?

So trust in him is what I did
and bought that lemon car.
I drove out of the dealer’s lot
but didn’t get quite far

Smoke poured from the engine hood.
It billowed and it blew.
I had to take some steps away
to catch a breath or two.

So I went right back to the store
and told him of my plight.
I hoped to have him compensate,
to make this wrong a right.

But he just kept that smile on,
the one I knew so well.
That built-in smile he always wore,
the one that helped him sell.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot help.
There’s nothing I can do.
You signed here on the dotted line
and took the auto too.”

And so I learned a lesson then
that I will not forget.
Don’t ever trust a built-in smile.
That is my worst regret.
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