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A lot of people think that they are not beautiful, special , or not good for this life

They think that cutting and self harming is a solution for making them feel better

But it is not a solution

This happens from a lot of things,Including bullying and it needs to stop

i know we can't solve all the world's problems but we can try to stop what we are able to stop or even try to help

This is for the people who think that they aren't perfect or beautiful

Trust and believe in yourself ! Wake up!!

You are perfect.You are yourself.

You are who you are

No matter what people say about you
Just throw their comments in the Trash and move on

Just listen to this

"See yourself in the mirror,if you accept the way you look and trust yourself everyone will attract to you and love you "
Don't get sad about the way you look

God created you and what God created is beautiful

"You are beautiful just the way you are "

All what matters is having a good heart and a beautiful soul

Don't ever think that you aren't beautiful or perfect because you are a beautiful Diamond

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