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Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2181133
Used a prompt book called "Write the Story" for the inspiration for this piece.
It is a Sunday morning as I start these ramblings about the incident in my notebook. It all started with my sister, Catherine, running the marathon on the island. It was a goal of hers for our 22 birthday. About the only thing I remember about The Hotel Sandscript was the drab mauve wallpaper with scattered pineapples. We didn't spend much time there.

Where Catherine ran out of breath she saw a cave through the trees. Something inside her drew her towards it. This old island woman stopped her.
" You and your brother must leave the island now," she said rattling her necklaces and staff. "You aren't meant to know the secret buried here."

We stuck out like sore thumbs in our garb from the city. Not good for secret exploring. We had to swap them out for wetsuits, the only island wear that was dark. It would turn out we would need them.

We made our way to the cave, turned on our flashlights and went inside. A few feet into the cave there was an underground lake with no way to get around. We slipped in the water and I found an underwater passage. After checking it out we went through to where it opened up into another cave. We stepped out of the water cautiously. This cave was lit with torches and had strange creatures looking at us.

They spoke a strange language but somehow we understood.
"Welcome, we have been waiting for you, Star Children. It is time to come home."
"what?" asked Catherine.
"Cattie, JoJo. You are the children of us star people. We disguised you and put you here as you are very special to us. You were chosen."
"I don't want to go anywhere," I said. "I demand to stay here."
"As you wish," they said.
"I've always known I didn't belong here," said Catherine. "Where are we going?"
"Someplace magical."

Caatherine and I hugged goodbye. A bright light filled the cave and the next thing I knew I was standing outside the cave. There were rescue workers putting blankets around me and yelling about the girl must still be in there.

The official story became that Catherine must have drowned in the cave. I stayed here on the island, giving up my high profile job in the city for an easier life tending a tiki bar on the beach.

Sometimes I look to the stars at night and wonder where Catherine is.

I will lay my pen down now and leave you to also wonder.

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