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A group of friends playing an innocent game of truth or dare... or is it?

"Hey let's play a game," says Kristen, as she looks at the three men sitting around drinking.

"I'm down," replies Damon.

"Guess me too," replies Jose.

"Baby, you know I'm down wit the get down," replies Samuel smacking her butt.

"Let's play truth or dare," she continues.

"Umm, Kristen you and Sam are dating, and Jose is a man whore who has slept his way through the dorms. Why?" asks Damon pushing himself from the floor.

"Because I want to ask a question, and the game is the best forum," she replies pulling her friend back to the floor.

Jose looks surprised, "Oh, she got questions?"

"Yo, let's play with shots and a quarter. Heads is truth, tails is dare," Sam says reaching into his pocket pulling out a handful of change. "The trick is the person to your left is going to flip for you."

As Kristen lights candles and fills shot glasses everyone gets in their spot.

"I will flip for Jose, Jose will flip for Damon, and Damon will flip for Sam," Kristen says taking a seat. She flips and gets heads.

"Thank God," replies Jose wiping his brow.

"Is it true that you are in love with Damon?"

"Excuse me," he replies.

"Kristen, what are you doing?" asks Damon.

"Is it true? I know it's true!" she says laughing

"You can't prove anything," Jose says turning red shifting on the floor.

She pulls his journal from underneath a pillow, and begins to read, "His beautiful dark skin, his full brown lips, his toned body; I want him so, to kiss his lips. Why these feelings for my best friend?"

Jose in tears attempts to sprint from the room. Damon grabs him in the doorway, and holds him tight, "Jose...it's okay. I like you too."

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