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by Ruth E
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A pep talk to keep me on track with my 2019 challenge - the year of writing badly
Dear Me

Uh Oh !

If you are reading this letter, it can mean only one thing.

You are not writing.

You're not in that lovely flow, excitedly scribbling great ideas, or savouring the moment of completing a piece, or intently focused on editing a final draft , or making revisions to get a word count right or playing with word formations
Absorbed and satisfied .

And desperately wishing you didn’t have to go to work or bed or make that call , because all you want to do is spend the rest of the day writing and writing .

No, you are not those things right now.

You are reading this letter , you're idly rifling through articles and browsing facebook posts. Thinking all sorts of dreary things about your dream to be a writer ( not least that your writing is dreary ) .

Well, forget those things.

Put them in the diary to be attended to on 1st January 2020.

Disable your wifi . Go open scrivener . Scroll down to today's challenge and get on with it .

How do I know you haven’t finished today's challenge ? No way would you be loitering now , you would be writing, and writing .

That’s what always happens when you finish your daily challenge. The dopamine hit of writing and submitting a piece inspires you to write more . You then feel desperate to spend the next few hours writing . It feels like the only thing you want to do . Ever

And isn’t it lovely to have found something that makes you feel so inspired , to feel so on fire . Better than almost anything else in the world .

So get back out there and chase that feeling.

Don’t break your 2019 streak of finishing a piece of writing every single day and submitting it . You definitely made it to day 29. This is it !

And remember it's okay if you don't write perfectly, In fact write badly if you have to . Just make sure you finisht it

You will feel on fire when you finish it . I promise you .

And that’s it . No more words of encouragement or wise words or cheers .

This letter is already too long!
You need to be writing , not reading !

Love and courage,


Looking forward to collating a folder of the 365 pieces of submitted writing next year X
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