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Most people enter the real world with no sense of direction. We need to change that.
         Schools teach students valuable lesson in the core subjects needed to be smart in life. Students enter the the world when they turn eighteen with important skills such as knowing how prove that two lines are parallel and that the triangles are congruent. Very useful skills learned in math. Or, better yet, every day people are asked how the sun's heat reaches Earth. People also need to know that in 1832, cheap land could be purchased in the West.
         Yeah... no.
         I have a job in doing cat litter and loading and unloading trash, and I am learning ho to write my balance down in a book and to show up to work. This may seem like small effort, but one of these days the skills are going to come in handy when I have a meeting at ten, a presentation at one, a dentist appointment at two, and need to be back at work at five so that I can speak privately with my boss at 5:30, and then need to be home to pick up the kids from daycare at six and be home to cook dinner at 6:30 so that the the kids are in bed by 7:30. The skills of writing out the day in a planner will come in handy on those types of days.
         That is not say that lessons learned in school are not important, but school needs a makeover. Skip the advisory or homeroom, cut history after Elementary School, and make science an elective while you are at it. Students will be better off by filling that time with learning to socialize appropriately, to make budgets and manage finances, and to learn to be punctual and organized.
         The education of our students is important to our country, so let's make it better. Studies show that nearly nearly eighty percent of Americans will fail to earn a college degree, and without the ability to easily obtain a job (It is in fact possible to get a job without a college degree, but it is much more difficult), these students will have a harder time than most with finances. Plus, they may have had a better chance of graduating college if they had been taught to be organized using planners and reminders. It isn't a parent's job to teach those things, it is a parent's job to provide their children with a home, emotional support, food, and love.
         Our country could do a better job of preparing our beloved children for adulthood. We need to make a better effort to do so.
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