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A Welcome Break During Long Deployments at Sea.
From the flight deck of the Navy's largest aircraft carriers to the slick surface of nuclear submarines, 'Steel Beach' allows hard working crews a day to unwind, enjoy some sunlight, and a break from their specific jobs as members assigned to the fleet. Steel Beach barbecues/cookouts encompass a variety of activities such as live music, a DJ, 5k runs, basketball, volleyball, swimming, boxing matches, fishing, fireworks displays, athletic contests, carnival-like booths, etc. It's quite an amazing sight when you see LOTS of people mixing with some of the most sophisticated weaponry on the planet. How about some barbecue while sitting on top of a tomahawk cruise missile, a MK-48 Torpedo, or below a F-18 Super Hornet armed with sidewinder or sparrow missiles? For most sailors and marines, emerging from the bowels of the ship (figuratively speaking) and interrupting the regular routine for recreational activity in that sunny sweet fresh air is a wonderful reward in itself. 'Steel Beach' is simply a form of creative icing on that metaphorical cake. I enjoyed many, 'Steel Beach' Picnics during my Navy career.

Note: Read my story titled, "Adventures at Sea" for a, 'typical' day at sea aboard a US Navy Aircraft Carrier.
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