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Rated: E · Fiction · Dark · #2181287
When sleep becomes a nightmare.

Daniel after a hard day, finally finds his bed. He takes off his robe, and slides between the sheets.

"Ahhhhhh," he exhales.

Now that he has finally gotten in bed, he finds himself looking up at his fan as it spins around and around. Out of frustration he turns to the side and closes his eyes. As he allows the silence to creep into the room, and the noises of the night, he sits up and takes a Benadryl.

As the pill settles in, Daniel finally finds himself falling asleep. In that very moment he hears a scratching at his bedroom door. Or at least it sounds like its coming from the bedroom door. As Daniel now lies on his stomach, the scratching sound gets louder and louder. However, Daniel now feels like he is slipping between sleep, and reality.

Lying in the bed on his stomach with the covers upon his back unable to move; the noise gets closer and closer, and almost seems as if it is upon the wall by his bed. A single tear leaves his eyes as he struggles to wake up. The bed begins to dip between his legs, and he can feel a heavy presence come upon him. He tries to scream, but a muddled almost empty breath leaves his mouth. The presence lays heavily upon his back, he can feel the warm breath upon his collar bone, and ear. Adrenaline fluids his body, as the mouth of the presence is upon his ear.


Daniel screams, waking up beside a beautiful Italian male. He turns to Daniel, "How did you sleep?"

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