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Its a gist of how a student felt before the commencement of the final examination .
When we talk about good schools we do get confused in as to what makes it a good institution; the teachers, the students, the principal or the infrastructure. I have the privilege of being called as an alma mater of one of the India’s unanimous school .When I landed there after so many obstacles I realised all my efforts were not in vain because I reached somewhere every parent dreamt of sending their daughters. As a student I faced numerous problems like mixing up with new classmates, interacting with the house captions, getting notes and trying to complete within school hours . Few subjects were handy but few were like nightmares. That moment I realised if you have a support of good friends you can easily pass through all the difficulties.
When we say good school that doesn’t mean you keep making good students better and leave mediocre at that level only. This one thing is lacking almost everywhere. It’s very appealing to reward the meritorious students but at the same time one should not shirk hands from the non meritorious ones.
Before the commencement of final examinations there comes THE WARNING LETTERS. They were basically given to those students who were likely to repeat the class and were weak in two to three subjects. Efforts were needed by both students as well as teachers to bridge the gap and score well. Just imagine the mental status of students as there used to be a buzz all around as ‘’she got warning letter, I knew it already’’!.
Some outspoken students made them feel really bad. But its not the end. After a decade the scene is amazing. The so called warning letters recepients have flourished their career by attaining outstanding degrees and testimonials. It worked no sooner but later absolutely.

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