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Liberal leftists have NO capacity to learn independently. I mean C'mon!, why do you think they are always asking for us to "show them" proof of what we're saying is the truth, with links, etc? They are too lazy/stupid to find those sources of information for themselves. All they do is go to SNOPES or CNN, or listen to other leftists, and they ignore empirical evidence proving them wrong. It's like when confronted with proof they are wrong?, their brain hits both the IGNORE and the RESET buttons in their head. Put them in a library w/o their iPhone? They'll be drooling in 5 minutes.

Discernment of truth is a hallmark of intelligence, as well as wisdom, Leftists have NO discernment, they are incapable of it. Something in their brain is too broken for them to operate that way. All they know how to do is repeat what they were told by another leftist, It is PARROTED LEARNING, and even an ape can do that,

What is the difference between someone who is spouting PARROTED learning and someone who is talking with understanding?.
...When someone is parroting they cannot go into the subject with depth that is person understanding. They can restate the same things in a different way, bring up something that might be vaguely related, but in reality and under close examination, it doesn’t add to their understanding, it just skates along the surface. Sounds like the Democrats right????

People that have a distinct knowledge about a subject can approach it from many different directions and with different thoughts on the subject. Sounds like a Conservative right? Then there are the leftists, They're someone without this knowledge base will not be able to approach debate subjects from a multi-level perspective. Lefties have no Ability to perform independent thinking!!!! They are spoon-fed all their information...as well as their views and opinions.
They will not be able to provide insight deeper than a basic understanding. It is in the lacking details that their sham is exposed.

Biology and political orientation is a concept based on a number of studies that have found that biology can be linked with political orientation. This means that biology is a possible factor in political orientation, but may also mean that the ideology a person identifies with changes a person's ability to perform certain tasks. Many of the studies linking biology to politics remain controversial and unreplicated, although the overall body of evidence is growing...and it is becoming more evident that leftist Dems, are suffering from a crippling incapacity to think for themselves.

Recent research points at substantial differences in the cognitive styles of liberals and conservatives on psychological measures. For example, conservatives respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals. Similarly, conservatives are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions. Jost and colleagues posed that political orientation is associated with psychological processes for managing fear and uncertainty.

The researchers performed MRI scans on the brains of 90 volunteer students who had indicated their political orientation on a five-point scale ranging from "very liberal" to "very conservative". Students who reported more "conservative" political views tended to have larger amygdalae, a structure in the temporal lobes that performs a primary role in the processing and memory of emotions. In addition, they found clusters in which gray matter volume was significantly associated with conservatism in the left insula and the right entorhinal cortex. There is evidence that conservatives are more sensitive to disgust and the insula is involved in the feeling of revulsion to abnormal and/or violent behaviors.

On the other hand, more 'liberal' students tended to have a larger volume of grey matter in the anterior cingulate cortex. Individuals with a larger ACC have a higher capacity to tolerate unproven facts and ideas, allowing them to accept more liberal views.

A study by scientists at New York University and the University of California, Los Angeles, found differences in how self-described liberal and conservative research participants responded to changes in patterns. The participants were also wired to an electroencephalograph that recorded activity in their anterior cingulate cortex, the part of the brain that detects conflicts between a habitual tendency and a more appropriate response. Researchers found that liberals had a habitual tendency response, and they operated on a conflict-based response. The Conservatives were found to be more pensive and did not automatically go into a conflict-based response.

The use of twin studies assumes the elimination of non-genetic differences by finding the statistical differences between monozygotic (identical) twins, which have almost the same genes, and dizygotic (fraternal) twins. The similarity of the environment in which twins are reared has been questioned.

A 2005 twin study examined the attitudes regarding 28 different political issues such as capitalism, unions, X-rated movies, abortion, school prayer, divorce, property taxes, and the draft. Twins were asked if they agreed or disagreed or were uncertain about each issue. Genetic factors accounted for 53% of the variance of an overall score. This result lends to the idea that liberalism is not just a mental disorder, but can be an inherited mental disorder.

Persons with right-wing views had greater skin conductance response, indicating greater sympathetic nervous system response, to threatening images than those with left-wing views in one study. There was no difference for the positive or neutral images. Holding right-wing views were also associated with a stronger startle reflex as measured by the strength of eyeblink in response to unexpected noise. The liberals were much slower in their reflex responses...which proves they have abnormal nervous system response. A study of subjects' reported level of disgust linked to various scenarios (viewing hardcore porn, abuse, and violent videos, etc) showed that people who scored highly on the "disgust sensitivity" scale held more politically conservative views.

A study on political attitudes among Hollywood actors found that, while the actors were generally more left-leaning, male actors with great physical strength were more likely to support the Republican stance on foreign issues and foreign military interventions. Strong men more likely to vote Conservative
Physically strong men are more likely to hold right-wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, an academic study claims.

Researchers from Griffith University in Australia said the Hollywood examples were typical of a phenomenon among modern men with a masculine, confidently aggressive sided. The men of lesser physical strength were found to have more liberal views. Men are better designed to respond rapidly to threats, avoid something that is thrown at them or be able to catch it, and are better at taking a punch, he said.

This comes from their ancestral roots where physical aggression was used to establish status within a community.
And many men still do this, because it elevates their status. It is the way nature intended men to be...the so-called "Toxic Male" that feminists and weak male liberals paint as some freak of nature and enemy of "progress".

So there you have it...Liberalism is a mental disorder. As most Conservatives already knew.
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